I dont feel none of that

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Have you missed your period? This is the biggest factor in knowing if you are pregnant! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-dont-feel-none-of-that ]
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Why dont i feel nothing?
You kno the size dont matter at all girl.. but do u have anything you want to tell yourself as far as are you happy with him, with the relationship? do you have any grudges u are holding on 2?..Jus talk to him about the situation so both…
Is it safe that i dont feel nothing?
I was exactly like you and had absolutely no symptoms. I actually didn’t believe I was pregnant for ages even though I had a scan and tests to prove it! There is nothing worng with you at all. you will find (if you look hard enough) that yo…
When i have sex with my boyfriend i dont feel nothing?
watch a porno. one of the ones where they call them “squirt” on the title. then get a vibrator. The g spot is located two inches from the vaginal opening. curl your fingers into the “hang loose” or “come hither”…

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11 Weeks Pregnant & I Dont Feel Pregnant Anymore..is this ok?
Q: Thanks for stopping by.I am 11 weeks today and up until about a week ago I was terribly nauseous, tired,moody,hungry…NOW all of a sudden, I FEEL NONE OF THAT! Im scared. I have my first sonogram on June 8th….I want to hear a heartbeat and not get any bad news that day, but the way im feeling I cant help but think that the baby isnt even there ….? Dont get me wrong, I enjoy feeling better but its just such a sudden change! Is this normal? Has it happened to you? Im really scared, thanks!This is my first.my stomach was getting hard, but now it’s just soft!
A: Yes it is normal, I worried to as my symptoms dissapeared at 9 weeks. Many of those awful pregnancy symptoms dissappear at the beginning of the 2nd trimester, could be you got there a little early also. Pregnancy symptoms disappearing is not a sign of miscarriage. Cramping, bleeding, fever, things like that are. I think you are fine. Enjoy not feeling pregnant, you are one of the lucky ones!
Do you feel like you are not living in reality?
Q: Since returning from overseas i have had sever depression and anxiety and been a completely different person, it has gone on for 6 months but i feel like none of it has actually happened, all the conversations, actions, everything, i just dont feel like it has been me doing it and kid myself that i am still the same person and then i sort of wake up and realise what i have been doing and know i need to change it but dont know how to. Does anyone else feel like they are not living in the real world? I feel like it is all just a joke and not really me doing all these things?
A: Hmmm, when it feels like your body is wrapped in layers of saran wrap. You can *almost* feel sensation, but it doesn’t feel real. If it’s been going on six months you need some help. Call your GP for an appointment soon.
I dont feel chemistry when we kiss? plz help?
Q: Iv kissed a girl twice who i honestly think i love but when we kissed we pulled away coz none of us felt the chemistry..im worried that it wont get better,so tell me..will the chemistry get better?do we just need to get used to eachothers kissing first?
A: its ok dont worry. what you can do to make the chemistry better. is: 1) set the mood, go somewhere romantic that you both find nice. 2)try slower and tell her how beautiful she is and why and how much you love her. 3)make it mean something. kiss her gently like you mean it and maybe even put your hand in her hair and pull her closer to you. 4)give her a cute nickname liek baby or sweetheart(girls love that) 5)prove to her that you love her. it will get better trust me(: good luck!
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