I dont know if she is pregnant

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What do you think is she pregnant or not cuz i dont know??
Its difficult to say for sure, she should prob go to the doctor, they will be able to say for sure. If 4 tests came up positive then she was/is most likely pregnant. If she has had a period though she could have miscarried although I think …

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i aking 4 one of my friend she dont have a computer and she pregnant and she lives in Michigan?
Q: and she wantes to know if the state will give her money for being pregnat and the baby father left her? she got on a bridge card a few days ago i dont know if u all know what a bridge card is i hope u do but anyway and on the paper work she got a few days beforue she got the card it told her that she has to have a job but she has necer had a job befour so do u think she will get money from the state and how does this bridge card work does anyone know she has bought some some on the card for her soon to b baby she know and i know people who dont have jobs and has this bridge card and they dont work but on her paper work she got a few days befour she got the card it told her that she has to get a job or the card will be block so i hope u all can help her thanks
A: A part time job is better than nothing she does need to have the card. even a one day a week job it is something.
How do i know when my hamster is pregnant? but i dont know when she mated. i got her when she was pregnant.?
Q: my hamster runs around the cage a lot. so i dont know if she is still pregnant. i cant feel the babies in her stomach either. WHAT DO I DO?!
A: It is very difficult to tell if a hamster is pregnant. The reason being her size won’t increase until the last 4 days before delivery. I have even had one dwarf that never got significantly fat but went on to deliver a litter of 4!Sometimes hamsters new to an environment can build nests, hoard food and get fatter (due to the better food and attention from the pet owner). So it can be very confusing as she might look like pregnant.However we cannot rule out the possibility of pregnancy completely since in pet shops, by mistake, the hamsters are sexed wrongly and kept together resulting in a pet owner unwittingly buying a pregnant hamster.Some clues of pregnany include when she may be building a bigger nest, hoarding a lot of food in the nest, will eat and drink water more than usual and sleep a lot more if she is pregnant. In the last 4 days before delivery, she will look big in the belly and teats would be prominent. The gestation period for dwarf hamsters is 18-21 days from the mating day and for syrians is 16-18 days.Whether she is pregnant or not, treat her as though she is pregnant for the next 25 days. Make sure you give her lots of clean food and water and supplement her protein intake by giving her bits of hard boiled egg whites, bits of unsalted cheese and little quantities of skimmed milk. Also supplement her regular food with pieces of fresh vegetables like carrots. Throw away any stale food after a day. Try to put the cage in an area where she has the least disturbance from noises and activities.Read up on the internet on how to handle pregnant hamsters and hamster babies so that IF she delivers a litter, you would be confident about how to handle the situation.
i dont know if my girlfriend is pregnant were in a difficult spot right now were always fighting and she lives?
Q: really far away from were i do its been hard for us but i love tht girl to death. she had a period for minutes and came out soggy but then acouple of days later she threw up once thts it and i really dont know if she is pregnant is she?????????
A: How would we know?? She needs to take a pregnancy test!!
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