I think i might be pregnant

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I hope so so it ruins your life oh no….. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-think-i-might-be-pregnant ]
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Am i pregnant? i think i might take a pregnancy test, what do you…?
Yes, there is a 100% chance you are preggo. Better start makin them doctors appointments and buying the crib. Then you should decide custody agreements.
I think she might be pregnant. How can I tell?
Maya — Well, the easiest way to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant is by palpating. Here’s how: first, gently roll the sow onto her back, with her head away from you. Make sure you take care to support her head and shoulders. Next, with the …
What do I do if I think I might be pregnant?
Wait to see if you get your period and then get a pregnancy test. While you’re waiting, try not to stress-out about it, since there’s really not much you can do until your period is due. If your period is late–or you think it might be late…

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Do you think I might pregnant or just late period?
Q: Last friday when I was having sex the condom broke. This week, I should have gotten my period yesterday but I didn’t. I’ve been getting cramps and my breast have been sore, but I’m guessing that should be from my period. Do you think I might be pregnant?
A: Possibly… any condom break can end in a pregnancy…. wait 5 days then go get a pregnancy test… take 2 just to be safe….
OLTL: i heard natalie MIGHT pregnant do you think she really is?
A: I don’t think Nat is preggers. When Nash died, they had Jessica being pregnant. Why do it again? There’s better storylines for Natalie.
help i think i might pregnant/?
Q: i main problem is i had a fight with my partner last night i slpped on the face by mistake and he turned around and kicked me in the stomach the thing is i have had my period yet and there’s no sign of it coming this morning i had really bad stomach cramps i couldn’t stand up because of it and am worried if i am pregnant will he have done any damage to my baby?oh and he doesn’t want kids anyway but i haven’t told him that i think i might be pregnant yet.ment to say i haven’t had my period yet i also had thrush for a while i normal get that before my period now thats stopped and no sign of period.i just like to say that my partner has been slapping me around and punching and kicking me around for a while now i slapped him in self defence.
A: Well first go see your doctor. second leave this guy.no woman should be with a guy thats going to treat her like that. chances are if he’s like this now, he always gonna be this way.
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