If a girl is pregnant can she still have her period

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Yes, you can get your period when you are pregnant. It is not common, but it can happen. ChaCha more! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-a-girl-is-pregnant-can-she-still-have-her-period ]
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Is a girl unfertile when she gets off her period or can she still…?
Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from an ovary during the menstrual cycle. Please check with you doctor for more info.
Can a girl still be pregnant when she has period??
No, because there is no egg to fertilize. It’s kind of like a natural birth control pill. P.S. Actually, you can when you’re ovulating, which you do in the middle of your menstrual cycle. For more information, look up “how do i know …
Could A girl still be pregnant if she has 2 period after concepti…?
A woman can not have a period while pregnant unless she has more than one uterus, which is EXTREMELY rare. Even in that case, the woman is put on medication to stop ovulation and periods so she can not fall pregnant twice. It is normal to e…

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can a girl still be pregnant if she has her period?
Q: like if you think a girl is pregnant and then she has her period can she still be pregnant
A: Yes, but usually it is lighter and doesn’t last as long. Or may have been late. A friend of mine got what seemed like a period for 3 months before realising she was pregnant. Take a test if you are unsure. But it is not very common to get bleeding during pregnancy. If she is pregnant and bleeding, see a doctor as it can result in miscarriage.
Can a girl still be pregnant if she had her period?
A: not likely… maybe with a little light spotting… but most of the time feelings of pregnancy between periods is ovulation symptoms.
If a girl never gets her period can she get pregnant?
Q: I’ve been seeing this girl (20) for awhile now, and she told me that it was ok to ejaculate inside of her. She continued to tell me that she doesn’t get her period anymore and that she can’t get pregnant. Eventually I just went with it and trusted her beliefs. But I’m not entirely sure that this is ok to do. In fact its weird because I’m use to wearing protection. But I have realized now that I don’t like taking these kinds of risks especially when I’m not ready to have children. Is it possible for her to still get pregnant?
A: Anymore?That’s a lie, she might want you to get her pregnant, a lot of girls really do this. Do not have sex without protection because you can still get std’s. Make sure your girl is on the pill before you even decide to go naked.Best of luck, sounds like you’ve got a crazy chick on your hands.
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