If a pregnancy test comes back negative can the blood test still come back positive

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A blood test can come back positive if you are pregnant and they can tell you how far along you are. Hope this helps. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-a-pregnancy-test-comes-back-negative-can-the-blood-test-still-come-back-positive ]
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What are the odds of a blood pregnancy test coming back negative …?
whoa, that’s weird. false positives are rare on the pee sticks. my best guess is that one of two things happened. #1 you looked at the results too long after the window of opportunity on that thing, maybe you pulled it out of the garbage a …

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Has anyone had a blood test come back negative for pregnancy yet still been pregnant?
Q: I took an HPT after going in for a qualitative blood test which came back negative. The HPT had a faint line, indicating that I might be pregnant. Has anyone experienced this or know why this might be happening? I took another HPT (different brand) about a week after the first one, but it didn’t show positive. I’ve been constantly nauseated and have SUPER tender breasts. I even threw up a couple weeks ago when smells got to me. I can’t figure out if I’m actually pregnant or if it might be something else.I’ve had two mild periods. Last time intimate (possible conception date) would’ve been December 5. The blood test was done December 23.My cycle is usually 29-32 days long. In December it was 36 days, and I had a little bleeding. Then nothing. Then some BIG clotting. Thought I might be miscarrying. However, the symptoms have progressed/gotten worse. And January’s “period” was mild for two days. One day nothing…spotting the next. Then nothing…spotting the next…and nothing through today. I’m trying to decide whether to wait until Feb 25 (when period should come again IF it is to come again) and test again…or if I should go see the doc before then.
A: Yes I did. I was getting negative tests at home for a week past the day I should have gotten my period. I have had 3 babies and I am never late so I knew something was up. I wasn’t having any other symptoms except my missed period. So I called the Dr. She had me come for a blood test. It too was negative. I was having some pelvic pain so they did a pelvic exam too. She said she was 99% sure that I wasn’t pregnant but to come back in 2 days to be sure bc the HCG level doubles every 2 days. Well that one was positive! She said I just ovulated and got pregnant late in my cycle and wasn’t far enough along before for my HCG levels to be high enough for the test to detect.
Positive hpt, negative blood test – how can I find out for sure if I’m pregnant?
Q: In December I thought I was pregnant, I had 4 positive home pregnancy tests, but then two negative blood tests from the doc. I started my period and didn’t think much more of it. Last month I had a short period and this month I haven’t had one at all, I’m 2 1/2 weeks late (I’ve never missed a period before). I decided to take another hpt and 2 are positive, 1 negative. I went to the doc yesterday and the blood test came back negative again. I was really emotional and tired throughout the entire month of January and have a few other pregnancy symptoms and just feel like I am. I don’t know what to think anymore. My boyfriend and I broke up in November and I haven’t been with anyone since, so if I am pregnant then I would be about 3 1/2 months along. Is it possible to be that far along and the blood test to still show up negative? If it is then what could I do to find out for sure? Thanks for your help!
A: If you are 3 1/2 months pregnant, then a simple doctor’s visit will tell. The doctor can feel the pregnancy at that stage because of changing factors in your uterus.
Can you be pregant and still get a negative blood test back?
Q: The first day of my last period was Dec 28th and my period is liek clockwork it always comes two days prior to the month before so I was due January 26th I am now 11 days late and I had a blood test done January 29th and another one done February 5th both negative I don’t feel pregnant as far as tender breasts vomiting just lower abdominal soreness and lower back pain? I was told to come back in a week if my period had not comeOh and I am not taking any medication I am only around woman that are on the same cycle as me and not stressed about anythingAnd had a previous pregnancy 2 years ago I was 1 1/2 months -2 months pregnant before I had a positive test And my husband and I do not use condoms or BC we usually pull out and there was about 4 times that he came inside of methe previous pregnancy was a miscarriage
A: Blood tests are generally always right on. But there is still that margin for error. Lower abdominal and back pains can be attributed to a lot of common things, but also can be attributed to: eptopic pregnancy, beginning of miscarriage, appendicitis… and the list goes on. Maybe you would want to get a pelvic exam. Best of Luck!
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