If a woman can produce milk, is she pregnant

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Not necessarily. Hormones and certain medications can make a woman produce milk when not pregnant. Thanks, ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-a-woman-can-produce-milk%2C-is-she-pregnant ]
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Can a woman produce milk if she is not pregnant?
Yes she can. It is called induced lactation or relactation. It is done with adoptive mothers who want to breastfeed a newborn and wet nurses. Also some couples without children use lactation for sexual purposes. Lactation can be induced wit…
Is a woman pregnant if she produces milk?
Not necessarally, this could mean that she has had a child and is still nursing or previously had a miscarriage or stillborn. A woman can produce milk for as long as she is nursing a child even if it is only once or twice a day. If you thin…
Can A women Produce breast milk even if shes not pregnant??
Yes. Breast milk production is stimulated by the hormone Prolactin, which is usually elevated after pregnancy and while a woman is nursing. Prolactin can also be elevated as a result of several medical conditions or as a side effect related…

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Can a non-pregnant woman breast feed?
Q: I have read in several books that nurse maids in the olden days use to breast feed children, not the mom. So how can a woman produce milk if she was never pregnant? Can a woman produce milk without being pregnant?
A: Yes, but it’s rare. though this is not the real deal, known as (witches milk) The breasts produce milk after the baby is born, not while you are pregnant.But yes you can produce milk even if you have never been pregnant, or not for a long time.Women who have adopted can produce milk if they persevere but you have to be very committed.There is also a condition called hyperprolactinaemia caused by a tumour of the pituitary gland which causes milk production.SO !!! The answer above is wrong. A pregnant woman will or CAN produce breast milk right after conception not only after birth. With first pregnancy it is rare but happens, with second or third, etc.. pregnancy it is COMMON to have leaking breast and natural.
can a woman who is not pregnant and hasnt been pregnant in over 17 years encourage breast milk to be produced?
Q: trying to find out if its possible for a female to produce milk without being pregnant ….so she can still breast feed
A: Tough one…in order to produce breast milk, first there must be an increase in the number and size of mammary ducts and glands within the breast. Then you’ll need prolactin, a hormone from the pituitary gland, to stimulate production of breast milk. Lastly, secretion of breast milk largely depends on oxytocin (the letdown reflex). All of these hormones are greatly increased during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and non-pregnant serum prolactin and oxytocin levels are actually pretty low. As such, it is difficult, if not impossible, for a non-pregnant woman to prodice breast milk.
Breast milk in non pregnant women?
Q: Can a woman produce breast milk if she has never been pregnant??
A: You ask if it’s possible, so I will tell you “yes”.If you were to ask if it’s probable, I will tell you “no”.The odds of a woman spontaneously producing breastmilk in any quantity without children are extremely low. It’s debatable if they’ve experienced a pregnancy and lost it without knowing early in the cycle and that triggered the production.
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