If he got me pregnant would he leave me

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Hopefully not, have you talked to him about what would happen if you did get pregnant? That would help get it out there. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-he-got-me-pregnant-would-he-leave-me ]
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Is it wrong for a guy to leave a girl he got pregnant??
Yes, that is wrong. If I guy gets a girl pregnant he needs to be responsible for it.
What is he thinking? He got me pregnant and left help! What shoul…?
It will be hard but go on with your life.It sound likes he comes from a family that doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. Yes, you will have some more sleepless nights and crying jags.Eventually the pain will get less and less.When…
Can you still get pregnant if he leaves it in you even if you too…?
Depo Provera is a hormonal method of birth control, and hormonal methods are pretty reliable. If you’re considering Depo, you should definitely do some more research, and really explore the pros and cons. After having the short, I would per…

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My boyfriend just told me he has another girl pregnant, should I leave?
Q: Hey everyone. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years. We haven’t had the easiest relationship, we have broken up often in the past because of my lack of trust in him, but we always get back together. Last week, he decided to tell me that he has another girl pregnate, she is 32 weeks and having the baby. He told me because I had recently found out I was 5 weeks pregnant and he didn’t want me to make a decision without knowing the whole situation. We broke up last sept-december and if she is due in june, he got her pregnant in october, so technically he didnt “cheat” but really it hurts just the same because he knew he wanted to come back, and he knew he would. I ended up miscarrying last friday, 2 days after he told me. I believe it must have been the stress because since he told me I have been completly devestated. I dont know what to do, he claims this girl was just a fling, but this is his 1st child, I know he will be involved as he should. I dont know if I can trust him
A: He only spent 3 months on his own. He did not pine away for you. He found a new girlfriend who is soon to be the mother of his child. And – he didn’t tell you about this until AFTER you were pregnant. I agree that you should go find someone you can trust a little better.
Why do guys think its ok to leave their gf’s if they got them pregnant?
Q: Im 16 years old and I am dating a 17 year old. We have sex a lot and unprotected. Right now we are having a scare on whether she might be pregnant. But we got answers and many people said not to worry. But anyways down to the main question. Why would any guy leave a girl that he got pregnant. If I got my girlfriend pegnant i would stay and help in any way i could. But a lot of guys thinks is ok to just walk away and not take any responsibilty. Why dont they understand that it would be hard for those kids to grow up with parents that aren’t old enough to have a child but even worse no dad. I think its stupid. It takes two to have sex, if you get her pregnant and leave her than your no good. But im just wondering why?
A: If you want to be considered a mature person, use condoms. Not using condoms makes you irresponsible. You and her are not ready to have children. People need money, their own home and a good job to have children. You can leave her pregnant anytime.And yes, men that leave their girl because they are pregnant are idiots!
If I tell my ex boyfriend Im pregnant can he stop me from leaving the country?
Q: Hi, Im newly pregnant and due to leave London for good in two weeks time to return to NZ. Ive recently broken up with my boyfriend who told me once that he would fight me for custody if I ever got pregnant and we were no longer together. With this being the case, can he prevent me from leaving the country if I tell him im pregnant before I go? Thanks.
A: it’s a free world we live in honey.. if i wanted to be gay i would be gayand if you want to leave the country but your x is trying to stop you don’t listen to him and leave the country no one can tell you what to do but youhappy crap
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