If I get pregnant the DAY I’m suppose to have my period will I still have my period

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Yes, you will continue with your period. Next month, you will not have a period. Optimal fertilization is day 17 of your cycle. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-get-pregnant-the-day-i%27m-suppose-to-have-my-period-will-i-still-have-my-period ]
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Am i still protected from pregnancy those couple days before im s…?
yes. my wife and i have been doing it for almost a year. you will get your period 1-3 days after you take it out. you can do whatever you normally do during that period. no preggos!

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If you have sex during your period, and get pregnant, will your period still finish?
Q: I’m on the depo provera shot.. it’s supposed to stop your period but for the first couple of months you can still have some irregular bleeding. I’ve been on a “light flow” period for about 3-4 days now, and had sex last night (unprotected, he came inside me). I was just wondering.. say I got pregnant… will that stop my period right away or will I still finish my cycle?
A: as long as you are up to date on your shot, you won’t get pregnant.
How come I’m late on my period, and the pregnancy test is still negative?
Q: I’m getting concerned. I was suppose to get my period on Sept. 15. I’m irregular with my period every once in a while. It will change days of the month. For the past 4-5 months, it’s been on the 15. It’s the 18th today, and still no AF. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. I took it after urinating 4-5 times, so i’m wondering since it wasn’t the first urine for the morning, it might not have detected the hormones. I usually PMS baddddddd before my AF. But I haven’t yet. I’ve been prego once last Nov. but I didn’t know. I don’t get sickness, or any symptoms. Hardly crave. Thats why it is so hard for me to know if I’m prego or not.Lately, for the past 2-3 weeks, i’ve been eating a TON, sleeping for 12-14 hours a day, need to eat 3-5 diff. tasting foods (small portions) when I eat.I ordered the pills called Ovulex, because i’m trying to get pregnant. Never took them before. Waiting until after my period, but it’s not here yet!!!ANY ANSWERS??? THANKS 🙂
A: Hi, usually you cannot count on thee 15th day to get your period because every month as more or less days, what you need to do is to calculate from last month the first day that you got your period until now, a normal period for most people would be every 28 day, but don’t worry if you are less then 28 days or even sometimes more. The change in your pill will have often an effect on your system and could even make you skip ( in some cases) your period. Wait a few more days and if you still didn’t get your period, pass another pregnancy test. Maybe it’s too early to detect a pregnancy.Good luck
Pregnant or just skipping period? Please read!?
Q: I’m going to take a HPT tomorrow morning, but I wanted to see what you guys thought about this in the meantime.My last period was January 27. I was supposed to have my period on Feb 26 (about 5 days late).My cycles are almost always 30 days. Occasionally they will be 29 or 31 days if I am under stress.I have never been 5 days late. Never skipped either.Symptoms: This is weird. I had cramping about 1 week before I was supposed to get my period and it went all the way up until yesterday. Now it’s definitely stopped or subsided a LOT. I can still kinda feel something going on down there, but nothing like before. I had felt like I was going to start my period, but then just didn’t. I’ve also been really tired. I get 8 hours a night but am still exhausted. Mainly Im asking what you think about the cramping thing. I kept cramping thinking I was going to start my period but just haven’t-in fact I’ve had whitish/clear discharge instead.Do you think I’m pregnant or just skipping/late?
A: I most def. think u r pregnant. Either that or ur body is under more stress then u realize and u should see the doc. Good luck
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