If i miss my period for two weeks, am i pregnant

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There are other factors to a missed period: stress, illness, schedule change, medication, etc. Take a pregnancy test, to be sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-miss-my-period-for-two-weeks%2C-am-i-pregnant ]
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Will I Miss My Period At 2 Weeks Pregnant?
Of cours not,you will miss it.
Am I pregnant?I have missed my period by 2 weeks and have sore ni…?
I think its just stress and if you ,keep putting your mind to it then your going to think that. You have to be heathly and excise alot. Try not to believe everyone wat they say!
Can i be pregnant if i missed two weeks of birth control after my…?
Hi, I started my period july 4th. I stopped taking my birth control july 5th, had my 7 day period and then did not take my birth control since the 4th. On the 20th I had unprotected sex. Is there a chance i can be pregnant and if so how l…

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Why am I having period like symptoms two weeks after my last period? Could this mean I am possibly pregnant?
Q: Hello I am a 26 year old mother of two. On 10/03/08 i started my period. then 10/21/08 i started bleeding very lightly and only spotted for a day or two. So i figured that I was going to just start my period on 11/03/08 right, but I never did. I didn’t start my period until 11/22/08. And now it is 12/05/08 and i feel as though I am going to begin my period again. During the few weeks of my missed period I had all the pregnancy symptoms and so i took 5 hpt’s and all but one came back neg. The one that was pos was only just a very faint positive. but then I started my period Nov 22 so i figured that i wasn’t pregnant. So here it is Dec 5th and i have been experiencing morning sickness for almost a week now. Can anyone tell me why I am having two periods in a month’s time and if there might be a possibility I am pregnant?Thank you for your time
A: Was your period a real period? It could have been implantation bleeding. Take another test and schedule a visit to he OBGYN.
am i pregnant? i’ve been crampy for weeks and my “period” ended two weeks ago?
Q: November and December, I had very normal periods, I wasn’t on BC or anything. In the begininng of January, I had my period, then they day after it stopped, I started the birth control patch. I had very bad side effects and took it off the second day I had it on the second week. two days later, I had my period again for about 5 days. I went to the DR and she said it was because of the BC. I got prescribed the Yaz pill and started taking it the next day like she told me to but had unprotected sex the first day and every day afterwords.d I’ve never been on the pill before, and I didn’t even think to read the packet…I don’t really know what to do about these things, I was raised by my dad only…I missed two pills the first week but took them the next morning when I realized I forgot, then took my regular days pill that night when I was supposed to. I finished the rest of the pack without missing one more. I took the white pill at night and then I started spotting the next day, I spotted for six days and I usually bleed heavily for 8-9 days. My breasts were sore and are still sore with twinges of pain. I drank a little bit of alcohol a few weeks ago and got really drunk off of a little bit and it takes a lot usually, and threw up the next morning and I usually never throw up in the morning after drinking and I only had a little bit. That was before I thought I could be pregnant. But I was also thinking that it was my body adjusting to the new bc. I just don’t know!!I’ve also had hot flashes. I have been waking up in the middle of the night this past half of a week sweating. I’m usually really cold, just a cold person and I had to throw off the blankets. I’m walking around in a tank top and boxers and I usually wear sweats and a sweatshirt cuz i’m always cold.Also I’m getting these, like, shooting pains in my breasts…like from the middle to the nipple. And the first day I spotted I cramped. I usually cramp heavily for my whole period. I started cramping the day after I was done spotting and havent stopped cramping since then. But the cramps are different…like more pressure. They would ease in for about a minute and really hurt then go away. that would happen mostly in the morning but sometimes in the day and night. and now, it’s just twinges of pain in my abdomin and weird feelings down thereI am getting nausea before I eat, and sometimes I can’t eat at all because I think that I will throw up if I do. this morning i wanted to eat breakfast and I havent been eating breakfast for about 3 years…when i was in the middle of my bagel, i got really nauseasI have been moody and I have wanted to cry over the stupidest things and have cried over stupid things
A: 1st off its your responisibility to educate yourself well i too was raised by my dad and know how hard and uncomfortable things can be! The dr should have told you that it usually takes 1 month for the birth control to be effective and it needs to be taken everyday at the same time or at least with in the hr ex. if you take it at 9pm then always take it between 8 and 10pm but try to get as close to 9pm as possible. When its not taken properly there is always a higher risk of pregnancy and your dr should also have told you that you should ALWAYS use a condom to further prevent preganancy and protect youself from things like stds. There is only one bc that is 100% effective and thats abstenence.As for the way your feeling it could be a hormonal imbalance due to starting and stoping your bc and not taking it properly. It could also be that your preggo. you’ll have to wait and take an at home pregnency test and if your symptoms continue i would see the dr as soon as you can get it. He/she will be able to guide you through whatever one it is.
AM I PREGNANT?! please i need help… two missed periods! & 4 NEGATIVE PREGNANCY RESULTS!?
Q: please help I’m starting to get really nervous…. I have missed two periods and have taken one blood test and three at home pregnancy test. ALL HAVE COME BACK NEGATIVE… a friend told me that stress can hold back a period but i wasn’t stressing until a week ago when i missed my second period. my periods have never been late or early and i have had them for over 7 years. this has never happened before and i’m starting to freak. please help me.. if you have any tips or suggestions at all please write.* if things don’t change in a week im going to get an ultrasound.. but i prefer to know a head of time if i am in fact pregnant or not..THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH A HEAD OF TIME!i have had an ovarian cysts in the past..but it didn’t make me miss my period. It was painfull and made me really sick because later on it ruptured but im not in pain right now…..but i guess an other ovarian cyst could be a possibility…
A: Ultrasound may not be the way to go especially if you haven’t been confirmed as pregnant – many doctors just won’t do it until you are for sure pregnant by a blood test. Most health insurances also won’t cover it, and those things are pretty expensive. Blood tests and urine tests are the way to go in confirming pregnancy.I missed 4 periods in a row one year and went to the doctors to see if something was wrong. There wasn’t anything in particular, it was just a weird fluke of my system. Few months later everything was back to normal and eventually I got pregnant.Edit: Also, what you term as “stress” may not be what your body thinks of as stress. Playing a softball game is stress, working out is stress, even having sex is stress on the body. It may be *fun* stress, but it’s still stress. Just because you weren’t worried or anxious doesn’t mean you haven’t been stressed recently.Good Luck!
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