If my period is a week late, do you think I’m pregnant

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The only way for you to know for certain whether or not you may be pregnant is to take a pregnancy test or see your doctor. Thanks [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-my-period-is-a-week-late%2C-do-you-think-i%27m-pregnant ]
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Do you think i cud be pregnant, coz i havent gotten my periods n …?
Hi Ash, I found your question in the question pool on allexperts.com Someone you asked the question to, could not answer for some reason and so I got the question. I know it was a while back so have you found out anything yet? Let me kno…

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Pregnant?? Period a week late and very dark?
Q: So I have had a feeling I’m pregnantI’ve been eating so much more than usual I’ve been nausish extremley tired very sore boobs ( not normal at all)I took a test last week and it was negative.I was gunna call my doctor today to make an appointment.But out of no where with no cramping or anything I started bleeding (period?)I’m a week late which is not normal either.It’s extremley dark and I know it can be “old blood” but I’m still scared.I don’t know weather to keep living as if i’m pregnant (taking meds;smoking; drinking) or to just forget about it.What do you think?Okay I wasn’t quite clear.I’m not so much scared but extremley upset.My fiancé and I want a baby.Okay I wasn’t quite clear.I’m not so much scared but extremley upset.My fiancé and I want a baby.Oh and I threw up this morning for absolutley no reason.. Just thought I’d throw that out there
A: If it’s a regular period flow but just dark blood, then most likely your not pregnant. I would see what happens with this bleeding and then go to the doctor if it is still abnormal. Best of luck!
I have some signs of pregnancy, do you think I’m pregnant?
Q: I am almost two weeks late on my period. Granted, I’m only 15 so maybe being irregular is okay for me, but there are signs:My boobs hurt regularlyI think they might be SLIGHT be bigger than usualI have a white discharge and cramps, but no period or spottingIf something makes me mad or upset, it makes me VERY upset, If i’m at home when it happens I cry (i don’t usually cry this much)I feel like my pee is more yellow if I don’t drink as much waterI have to pee bit more often than usualBut I have no nausea, my boobs aren’t ‘tender’ per se (they just get sore for a while and then feel okay again), i’m not peeing ridiculously, i don’t think i’m really bloated or anything. I HAVE had unprotected sex before, however:He’s never cum inside meIf he cums, he pees before we doing anything sexual againWe’ve only used the ‘pull-out’ method onceWhat do you think? I’m so scared. I’m making him get me a test, but… I jsut cant bear the thought of it being postive. I’M FIFTEEN. Ughh… i told him after i find out if i’m okay or not, i refuse to have sex with him unless he has a condom from now. This is too much to worry about for fifteen years old…Okay, so i have an update. I got some blood today, but it could be spotting perhaps, which they say is still a symptom of pregnancy. Should I still take a pregnancy test?
A: take a pee stick then approx 2 weeks later take another. he mite have done a lil jizz and thats enough. good luck hun
i think i’m pregnant, but is it possible to get pregnant the week before your period?
Q: before my boyfriend and i got back together, i had unprotected sex with a friend after a party. i don’t think he ejaculated in me, there was no mess and he didn’t know whether or not he climaxed (he was a virgin, though, but even still if he finished, i think he’d know…). this happened during the fertile phase of my cycle. my boyfriend and i got back together, and we also had unprotected sex a week later, and a week before my period was due. he definitely ejaculated in me. my period was due this week and hasn’t come yet and my breasts and abdomen have started aching… is it possible to get pregnant the week before your period, or do you think that, perhaps, my friend really did ejaculate and that he could be the dad?
A: Yes it’s possible. You said you first had sex during your fertile phase…well first of all even if he didn’t ejaculate there was precum (whether he knew it or not) and that can contain live sperm.Secondly, have you ever tracked your ovulation? If not then you don’t know for sure when your fertile phase is. You may ovulate late (meaning you ovulate a week before your period) so that time could’ve also caused you to get pregnant.If your period is late then it’s not too early to take a test. Make sure you take it with your first morning urine (hormone levels are highest then).As for who the father is if you are pregnant, there will be no way to know until the baby is born and you get a DNA test. If you aren’t pregnant I suggest you go out and buy some condoms. It’s not just pregnancy you need to worry about, it’s STD’s too. Some people don’t even know they have them, and most won’t be honest if they do know.Good luck!
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