If two people with AIDS have a baby will the baby still have AIDS

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If a woman with HIV is pregnant, her newborn baby can catch the virus from her before or during the birth but can be prevented.Cha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-two-people-with-aids-have-a-baby-will-the-baby-still-have-aids ]
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Homosexuals and Bisexuals, just like any Heterosexual person do not wish for the life threatening disease, AIDs. More straight people than gay people have AIDs, due to unprotected sexual intercourse or touching AIDs infected blood with an o…
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Will I get arrested or punished for the following?
Q: Yesterday was my brother’s birthday party, and he’s like 15. I noticed that my mom bought some alcoholic drinks over, and my dad was yelling at her for bringing that to a “kid’s” party. My mom claims that most of the people over will be adults, and they want more than soda and kool-aid. I saw a bottle of vodka on the kitchen table that can be easily accessable to anybody. I noticed it was “Orange Dream” flavored so I gave it to my baby cousins who are 3 years old and said it was orange juice. They drank it. I ran back upstairs to type this cryptic message. I’m still laughing, and it was funny to believe that these kids actually thought it was orange juice. The parents will eventually find out that their kids have been fed vodka, and they will punish me.Do you think I will get arrested for supplying alcoholic drinks to two minors, as well as me being a minor (I didn’t drink it of course because I don’t drink when “parents” are around and only with my friends)? And if I do, what is the penalty? Tell me because I think I’m busted.I’m still laughing.LOLMaybe that’ll teach my mom a lesson to not put alcoholic drinks like vodka in the opening at kids’ parties where it is easily accessable to not only me, but those kids.They could have mistaken it for orange juice due to the word “orange” on it, and they wouldn’t recognize it as “vodka.”So what’s gonna happen to me per say? It was the funniest thing in my life. I did it to teach my mom a lesson, that she too will be arrested for even purchasing the alcohol (because I didn’t purchase it and they can’t arrest me for that).
A: You’ve been an idiot, but you haven’t done anything illegal yet. I’m not sure how much vodka you gave the kids, but you have to recognize that even a shot of vodka to someone as small as a 3 year old is the equivalent of several shots to a full-grown adult. If you gave the kid a full glass and he drank, I’d be seriously worried about death from alcohol poisoning. You need to tell someone and take the drink away from the kid. If you have problems with your parents attitude towards alcohol, talk with them, don’t risk someone’s life to prove your point.In answer to your question, if the kid gets sick and/or dies, you’d be in quite a bit of legal trouble.
would you like to correct my grammatical errors?
Q: My name is ——-, I am an Junior ——-student at Bridgewater State College. I have just received a letter from the Financial Aid Office stating that I am not making satisfactory academic progress, meaning that I am not eligible for any financial aid during the 2009-2010 year. I understand your standards for awarding financial help to students as you want to help people that will succeed. For this reason, I would like to explain my self and the reason why you see a collapse in my grades during the spring semester of 2007. First I would like to let you know who I am and why I believe that you should given me the chance to further my education. I came to this country 7 years ago to stay with my daughter’s father’s step mother. This woman rapidly became very abusive towards my daughter an infant at the time. I did not know anyone else in this country. I could not speak English, preventing me from finding a place to stay. My doctor forced me to go to a teen shelter in Brockton to prevent her from hurting my newborn baby. While living in the shelter I went to —– High school. I studied hard trying to learn English and was told I was required to pass the MCAS to graduate. The class of 2003 was the first class in Massachusetts to be required to pass the MCAS as a graduation requirement. I worked really hard caring for my daughter, trying to learn a new language and studying for the MCAS. I struggled, but I overcame that barrier.After graduating from ——– High School in 2003 still living in a shelter I was told that I was not eligible for any financial help or loans because I did not have a green card in my hands. I started working two jobs that summer and caring for my daughter still a baby with chronic asthma. I saved everything I could and in the fall of 2003 I paid my way in to ——–Community College. I was still working two jobs and caring for my baby while I took as many classes as possible at ——–community college. My life was not easy, I could barely sleep or rest and I was still able to pass my classes. My daughter gave me the strength necessary to keep me going. In the fall of 2006 I transferred to ——- State College still paying for classes myself. I did ok in the first semester but I was already exhausted working and studying non-stop since 2003 with no time to rest my health declined. This was the beginning of the worse to come. At the end of the fall I started a new relationship, my first relationship since I left my daughter’s father in 2000. He was extremely jealous and quickly became abusive. Having one more pressure in my life made it impossible for me to continue my education. I tried really hard that spring. I was working really hard, trying to manage an abusive relationship and caring for my daughter with no family or friends’ support. I first had to drop the Research Methods political Science class and if you look at the schedule for that class I was taking it during my lunch break Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I could not do it anymore. I continued to take the ——: Constitutional Convention class which was on my lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have worked out a deal with my boss so I could still take some classes and work enough to pay all my expenses. Although I was going through hell I pushed my self to complete it. I was almost there when on the day of the final I was physically abused. I felt physically and mentally destroyed. I did not go to the hospital or the police because I was ashamed of myself. I could not think of anything else other than finding a safe place. I never imagined that this would have came back to hunt me after years. I was so humiliated, never envisioned that I would have to share this with anyone, but this is the only reason why I got an F in that class. You can probably verify from Professor ——–that the reason why I received an F is because I never went to complete the final. Considering what happened to me, it took me some time to recover. I could not go back to school after that night mare. Subsequent to that horrible relationship, I started dating my husband a wonderful single father that was going to school at ——. We bought a house together in February of last year and in August we went to Brazil to get married where my family could be part of the most important day of my life which used any savings we had. Today I have a house with a mortgage, two children with childcare expenses, my husband’s school loans and credit cards. I am a program coordinator for a program called ———-. I work to ———in Brockton. I have a nice job, but I still want to finish my education. With our finances I can’t pay for school without getting loans and that is why for the first time in my life I have applied for financial Aid. I feel so close to the finish line. I know you do not have to help me, I know I am not a genius with all (A)s but I am asking you to give me another chance to fulfill my dream. The reaso
A: Hello. I would like to help you. I put your question into my word processor program (on my computer.) I ran a grammar and spell check. I corrected your mistakes.I want you to email me using the link in my profile page. (click on my icon then click on email) and I would like to email to you the finished letter. You will need to inform me of your real email address, not the yahoo. Then I will email you the letter. MAYBE JUST MAYBE. I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT.I do not know yet whether you allow me to email you. I’m not looking – I’m typing this. If you do, do nothing just email me. If you do not, please change your setting to do allow people to email you.
suing homeowners insurance…what to expect?
Q: My husband was visiting a family friend, and she asked him to help her jump start her car, he agreed and he pushed the car, and ruptured his achilles tendon and had to have surgery. Her homeowners insurance has covered $5,000 worth of medical bills, but that’s it. He’ll be out of work for at least four months to recover, since he needs two feet to work. His father is suggesting that he sue her for lost wages, etc. I’m not comfortable with the idea, but this definately puts a strain on our family life, married life, and our financial situation. We have three small children and now have to find an alternate way to provide for them since he worked, I stayed home with the kids, and now while he is recovering, I will need to take care of him, he cannot take care of the kids since he can’t walk without the aid of crutches and we still have a baby, and whats the sense of me working when my entire paycheck will go to childcare??? So, he’ll be in a cast for 3 months, and it’ll be another at least 3 months of physical therapy for this, I’m just wondering what to expect if we sue…has anyone delt with this before? I know this country is all too “sue happy”, and people will do anything for money, but this is a terrible strain for us, and she hasn’t offered anything, not even a meal or a phone call to check up…when she was the one who asked him to help!
A: My first question is has the homeowners insurance refused to pay anything more because they don’t think their policyholder is negligent or did she have $5000 worth of Medical Payments coverage and that ran out. The Medical Payment coverage applies regardless of who is at fault. Any other money would come from the liability coverage and that is a whole different ballgame.There are some issues here that will make this a very tough road for your husband. If her homeowners insurance paid $5000 worth of bills under the Med Pay coverage then that might be all he gets if they have denied that their policyholder was negligent.The friend is not automatically considered negligent just because the injury occurred on her property. Nor is she automatically negligent for asking your husband to help.If you sue you have to sue the friend not the insurance company. Your husband will have to prove that the friend was negligent in causing the injury. Based on what you have told us I don’t see that happening without a lot of fighting. I have no idea if anybody checked into it but if you are in a state that requires PIP coverage on cars then you need to contact both her car insurance and your own car insurance and make a claim. It can’t hurt. It’s a long shot but you might as well check into it. I am in a PIP state and have seen some really strange injuries that have happened on or around cars covered. Also if your husband has medical or disability coverage through his job they need to be notified. They might cover bills and some lost wages.You could consult with a lawyer about a lawsuit but many won’t take a case unless it is a slam dunk and this one does not appear to be one of those. Good Luck
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