If you are 30 week’s pregnant, what month of pregnancy are you in

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At 30 weeks pregnant, you are in the middle of your third trimester or in the 8th month of your pregnancy. I’m at 24! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-30-week%27s-pregnant%2C-what-month-of-pregnancy-are-you-in ]
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How many months is 30 weeks of pregnancy?
7 and a half if you count a month as 4 weeks, so Id say 7 – 7 1/2. Think of it as 10 more weeks to go until you can eat what you want again.
How many months of pregnancy is thirty weeks?
to answer this question you just need to use your head and a bit of maths skills. the answer to this question is actually seven months and two weeks, unless you have some extra days added on then add that to this answer.

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2nd week of Patch & unprotected sex – still okay?
Q: I just started Ortho Evra for the first time. [My only birth control method besides condoms]. I just put on my second week’s patch last night and my boyfriend & I had sex today without a condom…is it okay to work like that?The pamphlet says that as long as it’s put on the first 24 hours of your period, you don’t have to use a backup method such as a condom [I didn’t use the Sunday Start method]. I put on my first patch the day that my period started. However, some websites say that you should wait around a month for it to be fully effective, like for the birth control pill.If I had sex without a condom on my second week of patch use, can I not worry about pregnancy? I mean, obviously, I’ll always be worrying about being that 1% chance that ends up pregnant but…if some websites say wait 30 days and other say it’s okay, how do I know really which one is true?Is the patch effective just as much in its first week or two of use as it is after a month? Or is it like 95% effective in the beginning and 99% effective after a month or what’s the deal there?If you guys have convincing answers that make me feel that you know what you are talking about, that would be great! =]
A: if you used if from the first day of your period..it prevents your first ovulation 2 weeks later so your covered straight away…
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