If you are a teenager, how do you tell your parents that you are pregnant

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Practice what you will say beforehand. Tell them how you are feeling, what your concerns are, and if you have any sort of plan. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-a-teenager%2C-how-do-you-tell-your-parents-that-you-are-pregnant ]
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How to Tell your parents that you are pregnant as a teenager?
・ 1 First thing is, do not ignore the fact that you could be pregnant. I went 8 1/2 months without telling… ・ 2 I had no choice but to tell my parents. I thank God every day that someone noticed, and I had to tell… ・ 3 There are so many…
How should a teenager tell her strict and religious parents that …?
There is no easy way to do this. But seeing as there is no other option, you sit them down an start at the beginning. Tell them everything. How it happend, what emotions you are experiencing, and what options you are considering. Be mature …
What is some ways that you can tell your parents your pregnant as…?
i would tell your moms family and if they accept it move in with them then tell your dads side of the family there are a few ways for telling your family you are pregnant 1just say it when the moment presents itself 2tell your grand mother …

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telling your parents your pregnant as a teenager how did you do it if u were pregnant young?
Q: ok well please dont judge me because i have heard enough of it from the people that i told. and to this point i dont give a shit if anyone calls me a slut or watever i know what i am and thats not it. i have only had sex with one guy and not planning to until im older and more responibable about things. i am 14 and 6 weeks pregnant. i just found out yesterday. my boyfriend drove me to the doctors to find out. he is being the most supportive out of everyone right now. he is going to stay with me and make sure i get to stay in school.he is no longer in school and he works all day. i am really trying to figure out a way for all of this to work. my parents go to work early in the morning and im never awake so this morning when i was up crying in my bed they thought something was up. im really scared to tell them they think i am the good and innocent girl.please help me find a way to tell them. thanks
A: just tell them i had my first at 17 and just told them at 14 be prepared to be shouted at and your parents will be dissapointedmy main concern is your 14 and still young how old is the boyfriend and depending on the country and his age there could be trouble onvolving the police
How do you tell your boyfriend and parents your pregnant?
Q: Obviously if I were older and married this wouldn’t be so difficult, but I’m not. Unfortunatly I am only a teenager. My boyfriend and I got together just once, and now I’m prego. What is the easiest way to tell them? I’m so scared, and I know I’m an idiot for getting myself in this situation, so please don’t be mean. I’m keeping this baby, because I could never kill a human being, especially one that is my own flesh and blood.i took the home preg test, and it was positive. my friend took me to the doc yesterday, turns out it was false. thank God! but thanks everyone who answered! i appreciate.
A: Just sit them down, tell them, explain that you’re sorry, that you know they’re disappointed, and that you hope they will be supportive.Instead of keeping the baby why not arrange for an adoption. Love your child enough to let capable, loving, adults raise it!
I found out I am pregnant help?????? how do I tell my parents?
Q: My mum thought she had taught me better than to get myself into that situation, and all I was worried about was that I had let her down. But I know now she wouldn’t change her granddaughter for the world. I never considered abortion, although others asked me would I consider it. All I can say about that is that when you see your baby’s heartbeat on a scan at ten weeks you know it is a living being. But if an abortion is what you really want, just make sure you do not regret it.I was supposed to go to university in September after I found out I was pregnant, but I opted out to have my baby. It is the only thing I feel I missed out on – a career. Although I was – and still am – a teenager when I had my daughter, I never have thought of myself as a teen mum. When you hear the words teen mum you think of someone who didn’t care if they got pregnant – someone who is stupid. It simply isn’t true though, as you can have “accidents.” when you are in your thirty’s or even forty’s.I was in a long- term relationship when I fell pregnant, and I assumed my partner would step up to his responsibilities. Although he didn’t leave me, having a baby is really hard. You need to be in a really strong relationship to survive pregnancy, giving birth, and the newborn stage. Do not fool yourself into thinking he will be the perfect doting dad. My partner and I split up just three months ago when our baby was six months old. Although all I ever wanted was my baby to have a mum and dad that would be together, I knew that I also wanted her to have a daddy that was there for her no matter what; and he wasn’t there for us. When the going got tough he backed off, so I gave him the boot!!!!Having a baby is the proudest moment in the world. You will love them inside out, but it is hard. You will miss out on things that maybe your friends are doing, but in the end it is worth it. When I was scared of telling my mum and family I just knew in the back of my head that things would work out in the end. Things still are not the way I want them to be, but I have a beautiful baby to get up for every day, and its worth it in the end.
A: i was planning to amswer your question but i dont see any question here. i am not a mother but i can understand what it feels like but you are in a real world and things are very difficult for a single parent. you will have to work , take care of the baby and also your house.GOOD LUCK
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