If you are due in August, how many months are you pregnant

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It depends on your exact due date in August but you are around 13 weeks pregnant which is roughly 3 months pregnant. CaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-due-in-august%2C-how-many-months-are-you-pregnant ]
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How many months pregnant am I if my due date is August 6, 2010?
You would have gotten pregnant sometime in early December, so you would be about 1 month pregnant right now. ChaCha!

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Is your baby due to be born from April to August?
Q: If your baby is due from the months April to August what is the sex of your baby (if you no) and what month is he/she due.I just was curious and thought it would be fun to ask.About 15 girls from my high school (we still keep in touch) are pregnant and due to have their babies in these months. It is completely insane because out of all of those 15 women only 2 of them are having girls. How many of you are having girls and when is your baby due. How many are having boys. My doctor said she is delivering 12 babies at this time and all of them are boys (NOT ONE SINGLE GIRL). Doesn’t that seem so crazy!!!Wow a lot more girls than I expected!!! Maybe it is just around my area lol which is still quit odd. I am having a boy as well by the way.And to comment on the girl who said her husbands side of the family has all girls, MINE DOES Too!! So I really expected a girl, and walla…Another boy!!!
A: Yeah, it’s the month for boys!I read that somewhere, there are certain months or whatever. Crazy.My best friend is due May 5th with a boy.My aunt is also due in May with a boy.Crazyyy stuff!EDIT—That’s really weird that everyone else is saying girls lolMaybe it’s just in my area too? But everyone my friends and I know are having boys!
Due in August?!?!?
Q: ok so i have noticed that alot of people are due in august. but i am really wandering how many people are due that month. What day are you due? what is the sex of the baby? what are you naming the baby? how are you feeling? are you ready for this little person to come? this is just something i noticed in the past couple of days.i am due aug. 29th.we are having a boyhis name is going to ryder ace.i am feeling ok. a little light headed, and a little nasuea. i am very ready for him to come. we still need a few things, but my body is just so drained from being pregnant that i am ready. i am pretty much willing to do what i can to have this baby. Congrats to all the mommies with aug. due dateshope my little guy comes early!! LOL i think we all hope are babies are early.i can honestly say that if i ever get pregnant again..it wont be in november! because i dont want to be this big all summer long again!!wow.i am so amazed on how many of us are due so close to gether.i enjoy talking to other moms that are going threw the same things that i am. because as much as i love being pregnant i hate it at the same time. especially having an almost 20 month old. i am scared how she is going to react when her little brother comes.
A: Hi, My name is Jennifer and I am due August 29th just like you. We are having a boy as for a name though I cannot say. I like the name Andreu but my boyfriend really like the name Andreas so we are going back and forth with it so we wont know until probably after he is born. I am feeling alright but getting lots of kicks and starting to get frequent Braxton Hicks which are giving me cramps and really uncomfortable lower back pain… I am really achy, most of the time at night and I feel like I loose my breath all the time, I am just exhausted. The doctor has mentioned that I have been measuring about 2 weeks early since the beginning so if I reach 40 before I actually get to 40 weeks she will talk to me about inducing so we’ll see if I actually make it to the 29th.
If you are nine months pregnant do you legally have to have a funeral?
Q: My sister has been saying that she was pregnant with twins since August 2008, She said that she was due to have the babies in May 2009. In November 2008 she showed us two separate ultra sound pictures of the supposed twins that she was carrying. I became very suspicious then. As months went by she said she was attending appointments, but no one ever went with her. Then around April, she started throwing little fits that no one was going to have a baby shower for her. So me and my Aunt together held a baby shower for her, and people brought her two of everything. The thing is that you could never tell if she was pregnant or not, because she weighs close if not over 400lbs. I’m not even sure if a women that big are capable of carrying babies. So to continue, after May she kept changing her due date to later and later dates. Last week, she was suppose to have the babies, I think on Wed. then she changed it again to Today (Tuesday). So after waiting for so long, my family called me today to tell me that she miscarried on Friday. Can some one tell me if there is a way to look up death certificates, or find out if she was really telling the truth or not. She has wronged our family in so many ways, and everyone felt bad when we had not given her a baby shower yet, But everyone spent so much money on her. Is this not bizarre???? And how could someone do this to their family?
A: Personally I think her story is a load of BS.Twins are VERY unlikely to be late!!And its not called misscarriage when your full term!Sorry but its just a load of rubbish
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