If you are pregnant can you claim that on your taxes

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Each person on the tax return needs a social security number, so no, you cannot claim an unborn child unfortunatley. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-pregnant-can-you-claim-that-on-your-taxes ]
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Can i claim that im pregnant on my 2010 taxes??
Hi, As long as the child is born on or before December 31, 2010 – you are able to claim him or her on your 2010 tax return. Hope this helps!
Can You Claim A Child On Your Income Taxes If Your Pregnant??
Robbie44 must not have any children because if he had he would know, before a child is born you spend thousands of dollars on them so why would claiming that expense be a scheme?
Can you claim your baby on your income tax if you are pregnant??
You cannot claim an unborn fetus on your taxes. Even if the baby is born before you file, you cannot claim it unless it was born before the end of the tax year for which you are filing. However, if you are pregnant and have another baby tha…

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For 40% of your income through tax , (based on an average annual income of $85,000) would you mind getting?
Q: Be very open-minded and honest.Where gas costs $4.50 a gallon, food costs about 5% higher than you pay now, and you receive the following. * Daily allowance if you become unemployed. Benefits during unemployment are part of the social insurance so you do not need to report to any unemployment fund. * Treatment by a doctor and at a hospital as well as essential medicine are covered by the social insurance. You must however pay a proportion (excess) as a rule. * Sickness benefit is based on your income if you should become sick or injured. This can be provided for one year.¨ * A rehabilitation benefit or vocational rehabilitation benefit or temporary benefit or early retirement pension if you do not return to work before the end of the sickness benefit period. * Care allowance if you or your child requires special care in the home as a result of sickness or functional disability. * Basic benefit to cover any necessary additional costs as a consequence of sickness. Given, for example, to provide a guide dog for a blind person, transport, costly diet or special food etc. * Appliances/help for persons who are sick or who have a functional disability. * Old age pension that has been earned. This is provided from the age of 67. You earn a pension entitlement, even though you may not be in employment. EXCEPTION: This does not apply if you already have a pension from another country or have ceased to work * Maternity benefit if you need to stop work because you are pregnant. * Parental benefit for 44 weeks after birth as compensation for loss of income from work. This is calculated in the same way as sickness benefit. Can be given for 54 weeks if you choose a reduced rate. The benefit period can be divided between the mother and father if both have earned the entitlement, i.e. have been gainfully employed during at lest six of the last ten months. Also applies during adoption. * Single payment at birth where the person is not entitled to parental benefit. Also applies during adoption. * Care benefit or temporary parental benefit as compensation for loss of income while caring for a sick child. * Child allowance for children below the age of 18. * Child-care allowance for children between the ages of 1 and 3 that do not attend a publicly- supported day-care centre. * Benefit to a single mother or father if you are unmarried or single divorced person who is solely responsible for children below the age of 8. * Maintenance support if you have a claim for maintenance from the other of the child’s parents and the person concerned does not pay maintenance. * Surviver’s pension if you are a widow or a widower or a person who had earned a pension entitlement in Norway. * Child pension to a child who has lost a parent and the deceased had earned a pension entitlement * Funeral grant that is means-tested. * In the event of occupational injury there are special, more advantageous rules that apply to the calculation of sickness benefit, disablement pension, child pension etc. EXCEPTION: Does not apply only if you have been posted by an employer in this country to work in a different country for a limited periodor- you move to a different country. EXCEPTION: Does not apply if you continue to work in there and do not take up employment in the new country of residence.
A: I’m of Norwegian ancestry. My ancestral homeland is awash in oil revenues from the North Sea wells. Norsk Hydro is getting as big as Royal Dutch Shell. Yet, there are an enormous number of Norwegians on waiting lists for elective surgery. So, no thanks. I’ll take my current health coverage under Social Security and Tricare For Life (I’m retired military). Even if I’m sick I continue to receive my Social Security and my military pension. The only co-payments I have are for my medications and they amount to $3 for generic and $9 for brand name drugs for a 3-month supply. And my tax rate is still under 20%, even though the government considers 85% of my Social Security check to be taxable income, because of my military pension. Instead of listing all of the “benefits” of a draconian tax system, you might want to look at the number of Europeans who are migrating to other nations with lower tax rates.
Tax deduction for aborted baby?
Q: I realize this is a bit strange. This is a hypothetical question and I’m not suggesting someone try it. Someone answered another question on whether you could claim an exemption for being pregnant but not yet given birth (I know you can’t):”No you have to pop the kid (alive) out to be able to claim him. He will be on your 2010 tax refund.’If a woman has an abortion but the fetus is not terminated until after removal, does that count as being born? Has the IRS ever considered this situation?”I do not believe they consider an abortion to be a live birth.”But that’s the point. The fetus/baby was alive momentarily. How long does it have to be alive and what is the legal meaning of stillbirth?
A: There has to be a birth certificate (followed by a social security number) before there can be a deduction.In the situation you describe, I doubt that there would be a birth certificate.
Hunter’s wives – please tell me I’m not the only one…?
Q: Surely I am not the only wife who lives a life revolving around an obsessed hunter. I need to hear your stories. Did I know the hubby was a hunter when I married him…sure. It was a “hobby” 17 years ago. That hobby developed in to …..a passion….in to an obsession….and now it is INSANITY. If it has fins, fur, 4 legs, feathers, or a tail, he’s all over it. Although whitetail deer is his ultimate game. I am incredibly tolerant of this insanity, but it’s really gone beyond what it should, and I just want to know that I am not alone. All thoughts, and good stories are welcome. Here’s my beef:* He works construction and is typically laid off in Dec., but he requests a layoff the last week in Nov so he can hunt (did I mention that we have 2 children to feed?)* During any given season, he hunts 7 days/week, most days 12 hrs. and some times more.* While I work, and he is laid off, I have to pay a babysitter to watch our youngest son, so he can…..hunt.* When he’s not hunting, he’s on the phone talking about hunting. When neither one of those is ocurring, he is either odering something from Cabela’s, online on a hunting site, or forcing me to listen endlessly to his goose calling.* When I was 4 mos pregnant w/ son #1, he thought it would be “fun” to take me out in the middle of the night raccoon hunting….pitch black dark, stumbling over logs, with a rifle slung over my back. Cuz’ that’s what you do when your 4 mos. pregnant, right?* From Spring to Fall, he plans, and plants, his deer plots. And we must pay for shelled corn and feed the deer because the multiple deer plots are not enough. (Can I claim these deer on my taxes as dependents?) * A fair majority of our income, tax refund, and Christmas Club money goes toward purchasing boats, guns, ammo, targets, equipment, clothes, optics, etc. But when next season rolls around, all of this stuff is miraculously “junk”, and we half to get new stuff.* He has been late to, or totally missed, family holidays and events because of the “H” word.* In the final stages of gut wrenching labor to deliver son #2, he tells the nurse to stop everything and turn the TV channel to the “Outdoor Channel”, so his son can be born to the soothing sounds of hunting! I swear to god. I’ve got the pictures to prove it.* I have 4 deer heads (and 1 at the taxidermist), and 1 duck on the Liv Rm wall. I made him remove the turkey ass feathers. Those are incredibly unattractive on a wall. This stuff is hard to deocorate around, ya know. And if I hang a Christmas bulb on one of the deer antlers, it’s ON.People, seriously, I could go on for days. I am not joking. This is just the tip of the iceburg. Please don’t tell me “Well at least your husband’s not running to the bars.” Puhhhleeeeeze. This isn’t a matter of morality, infidelity, or substance abuse (unless you consider doe urine substance abuse). This is a matter of “Good god, man. let’s have some balance in your life.” I think when it comes to a point that an obsession like this interferes with your family life, causes you to neglect family/household duties, consumes an unusual amount of your income………….it’s time to seek therapy, or to buy your wife a HUMMER 2. Tell me your stories. I’m listening.I am truly enjoying each of your answers, but I wanted to clear one thing up. My marriage IS NOT in trouble. My sanity is in trouble. Not thinking about leaving the Great White Hunter, just want to commiserate w/ others in the same boat, or hear it from the guy’s perspective. And if you think I haven’t addressed this issue with the cammo king, you are soooooo wrong. I do so diplomaticly though.Hey quik66gt ~ love your spirit, but just on the FYI: absolutely appreciate everything my man drags in the door, but unless he plans on milking the does, and the deer are going to shi* produce, Q-tips, and laundry detergeant, I’m thinkin’ I still have to go to the store. As for controlling? Wouldn’t be married 17 years if that was the case.
A: The most important people in your husbands life should be you and the children you created together. Family should have first priority.Second priority is providing financially for his family.I suggest he spend time with the children instead of going hunting. That way the cost of day-care will no longer be a burden on your family. Hunting should be a hobby. Whenever a hobby interferes with the enjoyment of being with family, it stops being a hobby and becomes an problem.Hunting does not have a higher priority than caring for your children. Imagine how much better would your children’s lives be when their father stays with them at home and helps them with their school work, or even home-schools them?I suggest he should put in the effort required to eliminate the burden of day-care costs upon your family.If he goes hunting and returns home in time to meet the children when they arrive home from school, that may be a possible compromise.The Hummer H2 is overrated. The H1 is better for off-road terrain, and the H3 is much more practical for city, town and country driving. :-)As for the Outdoor channel during childbirth? I think you’ll just have to live with that experience and re-tell the story to entertain other people. :-)I suggest engaging in honest communication with your husband. Explain what you perceive are needs and expectations that he’s allowing to be unfulfilled. Perhaps couples counseling or something to help heal the marital relationship would be a good thing.As “Lovinglife” mentioned, the “date night” event once a week or a month seems like a good idea too.Good luck. May your family grow closer together in love.Sincerely,Gentlewolfspaws
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