If you are trying to get pregnant what are some things that you can do to help get pregnant? more

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Get enough sleep. Try to get seven to nine hours every night.Take steps to control the stress in your life. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-trying-to-get-pregnant-what-are-some-things-that-you-can-do-to-help-get-pregnant%3F-more ]
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What are some things you tried that helped you get pregnant??
We didn’t have any trouble getting pregnant with our first 2. It took 18 months to get pregnant this time. So I did some research after someone suggested PreSeed. I bought a 3 pack and used it my next cycle and ended up pregnant! I was abou…

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Really worried about being pregnant, ten points whoever can offer some guidance/advice?
Q: Hey, first off I would just like to say please do not judge me. I’m only trying to seek some advice.So here’s the deal: In mid July I had a mostly brown period, little bleeding but heavier than spotting. Like a month ago I took multiple pregnancy tests and they came out negative. A few days ago I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but I’ve been having horrible bloating for the past 4 days and the bloating is pretty consistent, it only goes away for a few hours if at all which is abnormal for me. I’ve also been a tad constipated, nothing horrible or painful but I just feel like I’m never completely “empty”. Now here’s the kicker, I know it’s very dumb and irresponsible but in the past week I’ve had to take the Plan B pill twice. I know it’s not a good thing but the condom got stuck inside me twice and I got nervous that the sperm would leak out so I took care of it the only way I knew how to. The first time I took the Plan B I felt fine, no cramping or anything. But the second time I felt like complete crap. I haven’t had any other early pregnancy symptoms, no diet change, no nausea, no frequent urinating but I do think I’ve been more moody. So my question is what do you think? I am pregnant or is the hormones from the Plan B pill just screwing me up? The bloating thing has me really nervous, I’ve never felt bloated like this for so long. Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get.
A: i honestly don’t know a great deal about plan B, but i would truly think that it’s just the hormones from the pills. taking it twice in a week would definitely throw your hormones out of whack. a friend of mine took plan B one time and they had her pretty messed up for close to 2 weeks. call and ask your pharmacist or doctor if these are possible side effects of taking it twice so close together. it’s very unlikely that getting pregnant last week would be causing symptoms so soon (i mean if the plan B didn’t work). however if you were already pregnant then symptoms could possibly be appearing now, but you would have most likely had a positive test result. anyways, talk to your pharmacist or doctor. if you are not feeling better in a few days then i would suggest taking another test and speaking with your doctor again. good luck. and it wasn’t irresponsible – stuff happens sometimes (broken condoms, condoms coming off, etc) and you are at least taking the appropriate precautions. you may want to consider birth control, though, if that’s an option.
Can Methadone be used to treat anxiety and depression? Those suffering from depression/anxiety please read.?
Q: I had been in therapy for two years in a different state and moved here, during my pysch meetings we tried drug after drug after drug. (I had a mental break down prior to the therapy sessions and was diagnosed with PTSD, acute anxiety disorder, panic attacks, night terrors or panic attacks whilst sleeping and borderline personality disorder)At the end of treatment I was finally on meds that fit me well. 225 mg effexor xr daily, Xanax 2mg one in morning, 1 in afternoon, 2 at night for the extreme night terrors, and trazadone ( I forget the mg)Well I became pregnant and was weaned off my medication for the babies safety of course.After the birth I became extremely more depression and detatched and was placed back on the same medications. Unluckily though we lost our health insurance and could not afford the therapy sessions, nor the medsI found a Family Practice Dr. who was very kind and since we had moved out of state called my former therapist and followed her previous medications, the problem was, all I could afford was the xanax- So we had to change the anti-depressent which was in the 800$ range(effexor xr 75mgx3) there is no generic, so we went back to cheaper zoloft, which I hate, It takes away my sex drive to the point of noexistence at the dosage I need to be on (150-200mg range) and it really isnt cheap at that dosage either running me about 75-100$.SO the doc decided to try some older meds which he knew would be much much cheaper and put me on Pamelor (I dont know dosage off the top of my head) but its 3 a day. Im also on Haldol.So all in alI am on Pamelor, Xanax, and Haldol.But recently my best friend died and I have taken it very hard and my depression medication is just not cutting it, I havent taken the Haldol in a few months due to muscle spasms, and I have a bad back to begin with.So being on the poor side I started self-medicating- first with alcohol. I was bad for about 2 weeks, I blacked out approx. 5 times in 2 weeks and went to the hospital once, because i drank a whole 5th of jack alone. (Please be aware I usually dont do things like this and I take my meds as prescribed, I was just EXTREMELY depressed)Well let me be the first to tell you alcohol does not help, it just makes it hurt worse- cause you wake up feeling ashamed, disgusted with yourself, imbarrassed, worried of how you maintained yourself AND STILL Depressed.So my friend said he had some methadones and told me to try them, I looked on the internet, and found the were used for pain managment, herion or drug withdrawl symptoms but they are doing studies on depresion treatment and methadone – check it out here http://opioids.com/antidepressant/index.htmlSo I bought some and tried them, at this point I was desperate to feel relief from all my anxiety and depression. He had 30 mg tabs and I broke them in two, took one half in morning one half in afternoon and a whole one before bed. This with my Xanax, well it was an amazing feeling (and I dont mean I got high, I didnt take enough methadone to even feel a difference) I could get up in the morning and actually get out of my pajamas, put on makeup- Make a full breakfast for my kids and husband. Make a full lunch for the kids, Play games outside, and inside, CLEAN MY HOUSE DAILY!! (if you have major depression you know how much an accomplishment this is) Have dinner ready for the old man when he got home, get the kids ready for bed, read bedtime stories, have sex SLEEP. Its like I can live for the first time in 5 years *Tears* I need your opinions, because I found a new Psyc. and an appt coming up on the 26 and I kinda want to bring it up to her, but I am scared of what she will think of the degree of the drug, but Im also scared if I dont tell her, I will be living in fear and depression for the rest of mylife.HELP!
A: I’ve suffered from narcolepsey for over 30 yrs.. I am chronically fatigued and have zero energy. Doctors say I am depressed… No [email protected]*T !!! I’ve tried every antidepressant at least twice to no avail, along w/ numerous other heavy duty drugs doctors ‘try’ me on after meating w/ me after one or two 10-15 min. visits… Lamictal, Abilify, Ativan, Ambien, Zyprexa, Seroqel, Xanax, Lithium – to name a few. I’m SO tired from being tired my whole life that it’s making me crazy! Doctors are WAY too quick to put people on these hardcore drugs w/out knowing the underlying problem! Anyway, the only times in my life that I can remember feeling ‘awake,’ alert, alive, motivated, energetic, painfree, lust for life… was when I had Vicodin and another time when my mother gave me some of her methadone a few years ago. I accomplished more in one day than I typically do in one month (seriously.) In an average day, if I manage to bathe and get dressed, it’s 2 or 3pm by the time I am ‘ready!’ (ready for what? to go back to bed!) The methadone had the same effect as Vicodin but it lasted much longer. I know Vicodin has acetaminophine in it which causes liver damage if you take too much. I have non-chalauntly brought this up to a Dr. in the past. The Dr. said if any drug gives you a feeling of euphoria, it’s a sure sign to stay away from it because it will become addictive. (??? I took his advice and steared clear of it and have ‘lived’ a miserable, unproductive, weak, tired life for the past 25 years. I guess that’s better than being addicted to a drug that would’ve made me euphoric!) I was afraid to ever bring it up to a doctor again because they would think I am a ‘drug seeker.’ I have since been to dozens of docs, shrinks, counselors, etc. and spent thousands of dollars on other meds and gotten addicted to pills that have horrific side effects then to have to suffer the even more horrific withdrawls… (but doctors think this is OK, yet GOD forbid we tell them opiates make us feel better! That classifys ‘us’ as drug addicts!) I got the nerve up to tell a shrink about it a yr. or so ago. He said he’s heard opiates sometimes have an alerting or arousing effect on some people and he mentioned an alternate to methadone called suboxone. He didn’t really pursue the topic and I never had the guts to bring it back up [email protected] Since then, I have been prescribed all the above mentioned drugs, plus! I am now seeing a new shrink and I am trying to muster up how to confront him w/ this same ‘treatment.’ I decided to do some research to see if opiates (methadone,) has been successful in treating others w/ depression, fatigue, etc… I don’t know why I am so ashamed to want to feel better. I’m nearly 50 yrs. old and I know there is a drug that relieves my symptoms but I’d rather spend the rest of my life tired and miserable than chance letting a doctor label me as a drug addict. Wouldn’t anyone want to be addicted to a drug if it gave them a chance to live a better quality life? Why am I (or you) so ‘afraid’ ? I know damn well over half the drugs I’ve been prescribed over the yrs. are ten times more mind altering and addictive than methadone. The withdrawl symptoms from the other meds are excruciating!I don’t know… I’d rather be addicted to methadone than sleep the rest of my life away, I don’t have that many ‘healthy’ yrs. left. I want to be awake for them!So – how do we confront the docs w/ our solution?
I’ve been trying to get pregnant forever. Can anyone help? Please?
Q: Hello everyone. I know there are a lot of questions that ask “How to get pregnant” in some way, but I’m wanting some help and I try to look for it myself, but it just does not seem to work. I am engaged to the greatest guy in the world. He is amazing, he cares for me more than anyone in this world. We have been trying to get pregnant for quite sometime now. We’ve tried to do everything we read on sites we went to, even if they were ridiculously crazy, and yet nothing has worked at all. We tried to determine when I’m ovulating, but my monthly has their weird days. It’s not the full 28, there are times when they are, then there are times when they are only 21 days. I tried to calculate the ovulation date by the subtracting 18 days method from whatever I’m suppose to, and it’s not working. I do not want to go to the doctor or have any kind of “special people” help. I want to be like most women and get pregnant the good-ole fashion way. We even tried all the positions that we looked on the internet and the whole waiting a half an hour until I got up out of bed. I know this may seem desperate and probably ridiculously long, but we just do not know what to do anymore. I’ve stayed up all night on my weekends just trying to see if there is something new or if anyone could help, no one could help. I was reading an article online and it said every person who read this book this lady wrote became pregnant. Well, of course I’m going to be the dummy I am and click to see if I could read it, but of course not I had to pay. I was really thinking about it because I just wanted something to help us, but I’m cheap, I want something free. Not going to lie, I’ve probably been to all sites about pregnancy. I really want one, I go to work at a grocery store, and every baby that comes through my lane, they stare, I know all babies do, but it makes me and my fiancee want to have one so bad. He too works where I work, only a different department. We have been trying since, last year, while I was 16, now I’m 17 and we are dying to have one, he’s 18 almost 19. I know, shocking that I’m only 17, but I’m smart, and I want to be young when I have my first kid. That way not only me, but my fiancee, can do things with it while we are able to! Just the fact when we started trying, I couldn’t believe that I might be a mother, I loved that feeling. He also thought it would be awesome being a dad. We are meant for each other. We just want to know somethings if there is any possible way that we could have a little one soon.Here are some questions:1.) How can we calculate my ovulation when it’s not regular?2.) Can you actually get a better chance of becoming pregnant while I’m on the monthly?3.) After the monthly is done, how many days should we wait to have intercourse?4.) How often should we have intercourse? 5.) Is there ever too much intercourse? Not enough?6.) How long do you have to actually stay in bed after intercourse?7.) Is there any other way we can become pregnant and not have to go to a specialist for it?8.) Do you have any other ideas in which you may think may be useful for us getting pregnant?9.) Would I have to change my normal eating habits before trying to conceive or after wards?Please, we really would like to know. There may be other questions soon!Note: I would like people answering these with serious answers and I do not want any lecture saying how I’m too young, because there are girls younger than me out there who are getting pregnant when I’m not. This would be a life changing experience for us! I think we are ready and mature enough to handle a little one. Don’t you think?Thanks!-sar.
A: First of all, the more you try to get pregnant, the less chances you have, because you are nervous about it and stress is the Nr 1 reason for miscarriage. Your ovulation should be about 10 days after the first day of the period and 20 days before the period, there are only 24 hours during which your egg is capable of conceiving, which makes the time frame rather small. Also, it’s better to have sex every other day and not every day, because then the quality of sperm is better (stronger, more chances it will reach the aim). After you had sex, lay down, and if possible put a pillow under your butt so that fluids will go in and won’t directly flow out. Sperm can live up to 2 days inside the woman, which gives you 72 hours in total every month. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t get into hot tubes, no very hot shower, no competitive sport — all this can cause unneeded muscles spasms and lead to a miscarriage, even if we are talking about 3 days pregnancy. Hope these small tips will help, GOOD LUCK!!!(if you are religious, it could also be a good idea to just pray a bit 🙂 )
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