If you get a girl pregnant and you are 13 is that bad

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Teenage pregnancy is frowned upon in modern U.S society. A 13-year-old almost certainly could not support the needs of an infant. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-get-a-girl-pregnant-and-you-are-13-is-that-bad ]
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Is it bad if I’m 13 and got a 16 yr old girl pregnant??
lol ur girl must be desperate then OR ur just havin some weird imaginations with some 16 years old girl lol but yeah it is bad lolz

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im 13 and im pregnant and about 5 months or 20 weeks.?
Q: and im due in julyand my mom is pregnant and due in september.my moms married and we live in a 5,000 square foot house and my moms already started buying me and her baby girl clothes from like ralph lauren, zutano, and other expensive brands.but im scared but idk how to tell her.i know we can pay for them.and she’s very excited because she wanted a baby very bad and finally got pregnant after 2 years of trying and now she gets to have 2 baby girls.but she has 4 kids including me.she has 15yr old twins.girl boy22 years old sonand 13 yr old daughter which is me.when i told her i was pregnant she was so excited and not mad!i was very serprised.and she told me along time ago if you ever get pregnant at a young age then your having that baby abortion is never the ansewer and that i did this to my self and i have to raise the baby with a little help from her and my brothers and sisters.and also my 22yr old brother is married and have a son and his wifes pregnant
A: WOW. Damn your mom is pregnant too. Never heard of this scenario! All I have to say is that you’re stupid for getting pregnant at such a tender age. You’re a child! I don’t care if your mom is happy for you she’s a freak for being happy for her 13 year old for being pregnant. That can only happen in planet Mars. At your age I didn’t even know what sex was. Your life is ruined.
Need your opinion Please ! WTF ?! what is the problem with these teenage girls getting pregnant?
Q: I am doing a little research for one of my classes. I would like to read some of your reasons why girls that are 13,14,15,and 16 are getting pregnant.Right now the pregnancy rate in U.S when up about 42 %.This is starting to piss me of really badly. Everywhere i go like a store or school these girls that are so young and look so innocent have baby bumps.These girls don’t realize what they are doing to their lives and you know what bugs me is that when I am on the yahoo website and I read some of the questions its just blows my mind. For instance yesterday I read a question form a girl who stated she was 13 and she wrote that she is ready to have sex. Now tell me first how stupid this girl must be.The questions that get posted my some of these girls sicken me. These girls are just plain dumb first off all.they are 13 14 15 and they have sex and they either get pregnant or dumped by their boyfriends and the funny part is that they go on yahoo and try to look for answerer to their mistakes but they don’t think about the consequences.They drop out of school and just give their children a bad life. Tehy dont think about how they are going to take care of the child.Teenagers dont you have dreams. Dont you want to accoplish something?If your a teenager( boys and girls) between 13 and 16tell me why you had sex were your pressured?How did you feel after that? Did bad consequences happen because did it? What is the point of having sex so young. Do you have any regrets. Do you feel that poelpe will be saying stuff behind your back that your go around?Adults I would be also glad on your opionios.
A: Hi there!Well I’m 14 years old and am in High School. Now everything you are saying is perfectly valid stuff and I agree with most of it but the one thing I am going to tell you is: Don’t think that teenagers are all the same.I have never even had a boyfriend, let alone had sex. I haven’t had my first kiss or anything like that. I am waiting for a nice guy to be my first boyfriend and I don’t intend to let him or anyone pressure me into anything.I want my first kiss to be special so I intend to wait for a nice guy and the right moment.Also, I have decided that I want to remain a virgin until marriage. I will only have sex once I am married. This is a promise I have made to myself that not even my parents know about! I want to do this because I believe that sex is something intimate and personal, not something that can be thrown around here and there. However that is not for everyone.I believe that if my husband is my first I am giving him a gift and creating a bond between us that no one else has. Enough about me, at my school there is teenagers (my age and younger) having sex, it’s crazy! However my friends are all nice and don’t want to have sex with everyone….Naturally they have boyfriends but it is very innocent stuff and they don’t let their boyfriends push them around! I hope that some day people (not just teenagers) stop succumbing to peer pressure and actually decide things for themselves.However I hope that the teenagers at my school and all around the world are deciding to have sex for the right reasons. If teenagers who have the bad judgment to have sex with someone they do not love do get pregnant or get a Sexually Transmitted Infection/Disease then I hope that they have a good support group of friends and family behind them to help them through the difficult time ahead and allow them to go on and lead successful lives.I believe that just because you become pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your dreams, you just have to work a little harder.By the way, I have a dream to become a grade 2 teacher and publishing a book someday and I refuse to let bad judgment get in the way of achieving those two dreams.Best Wishes.
I am a 17yr old girl and I am still a virgin. Most of my friends have had sex. Is that bad…?
Q: It’s not like I haven’t been asked..cuz I have. I had a friend who got pregnant at 13 but she didn’t use protection. However..I don’t want to risk it. BUT I haven’t had a boyfriend in almost two yrs. Not that I have had a lot boyfriends…I have had oral..to a point. All the guys in my school are really immature and most of them think I am ugly anyways. I flirt…dunno maybe there is something wrong with me. I don’t usually feel pretty but instead fat and ugly. My two (ex?, I have friend issues also) best-friends think I will die a virgin…can’t really tell if they are serious or kidding. I always wanted to wait til my wedding night…but when I say that most ppl laugh. I also have trust problems…even with just my friends…how can I trust a guy not to shatter me just like my friends? Maybe there is something wrong with me? Can anyone help me? IF you AT ALL UNDERSTAND what I am trying to ask.
A: First of all, you are normal for not having sex at your age. And I want to tell you, Just because your friends are doing it does not mean that you should do it too. I want to commend you for having a great head on your shoulders. By no means should you have sex because “its the cool thing to do” Ask these same girls in a couple of years and I bet that they will tell you that they wish that they had waited. You are not ready for sex by any means, and I will tell you why. First of all if you were ready, you would not ask this question. I also think that you are young, but I am aware that most sex does take place at a young age…I am 10years older than you. My first time was after highschool at 19 years old. And you will ask me..Do you wish you had waited? Yes I do wish that I waited. The guy I did it with was a horrible person. Your best friends are highly insecure. They are teasing you because they are jealous. They are jealous because they wish they would have waited. And you will regret it if you have sex because your girlfriends pressured you. My personal feelings is that if these girls were really your friends, they would not tease you like that. When you decide to have sex, there really should not be pressure. Not to sound like an old fart or old school, but sex is loads better when its with someone you LOVE completely and Trust!! You do not love and trust your boyfriend at all. And trust me, having sex because you think your fat and ugly will not make things better for you. In fact if you have sex because of that, it will get worse. It will add up a hefty number of sexual partners, believe me. At your age, you should be starting your life and not worrying about when you are going to have sex. Believe me, the time will come for that, and if you only knew how true that statement is you would understand. I had “friends” once that teased me because I would not have sex with this guy…and this was right after highschool. They were not my friends at all. Sex can be overrated. You will not like your first time, I won’t lie to you. So you might as well wait until its someone you love and care about. Trust takes time. I bet you are a beautiful snazzy gal and I doubt very much that you are fat and ugly. You are soo young, and its unfortunate you are feeling this way about yourself. Please don’t have sex because your friends are doing it.Its not worth the aggravation.You seem like you have a terrific head on your shoulders. Please be concerned about the diseases because they are out there. And if you want a guy to be tested before you sleep with him they should respect that. If not, that is when it is time to say goodbye.Good luck sweetie, and follow your heart.
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