If you get your period that means that you can’t be pregnant right

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You are correct, however, some pregnant women have what’s called “implantation bleeding” that can be mistaken for a period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-get-your-period-that-means-that-you-can%27t-be-pregnant-right ]
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What doews it mean if you start your period right after sex? Can …?
It really depends. If it is an average period, then there is not much of a chance. However, if it is light bleeding that you have misinterperated as a period, this may be implantation bleeding, and not menstration at all. It is not uncommon…
Do You Get Cervical Mucus Before Your Period Does Egg White Cervi…?
Cervical mucus is egg white for 9 days, just wait until that date, it is is pregnant? I had 9 days cervical mucus and egg white only had sex at least once every two days, most of the month. My temp has risen, but I’m not from people who he…

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If I started my period, I can’t be pregnant… right?
Q: Please read before you answer!Facts:Last time I had sex was 12/19/08We didn’t use a condom for the first couple minutes, and then we put the condom on until the end.The condom did not leak or break, I checked it thoroughly afterwards. However, I realized afterwards that we put it on the wrong way at first, and didn’t remember to discard that one and use a new one so his pre-ejaculatory fluids might have gotten on the outside of the condom. Also, he most likely pre-ejaculated inside me since neither of us can feel it and he tends to pre-ejaculate pretty easily.My last period was 12/11/08My next period *should* have been 1/9/09.It is now 1/15/09.I have been under a lot of stress this month and I haven’t been eating right for a while. Also, thanks to college, I was LITERALLY nocturnal for a week or maybe even more.If my period started soon, and it wasn’t spotting (it was an actual genuine period), do I still have to take a pregnancy test? If I started my period doesn’t it mean I’m not pregnant?Thank you soooooooo much for your help! It’s much appreciated!
A: IF your period were to start soon then yes it would mean you are not pregnant. At least not this time. And if you have your normal period but its just six days late then NO you don’t need to take a pregnancy test.However, since you period hasn’t yet started (right?) and since your period is now six days late (I think that’s whay you are saying?) and since you didn’t use the condom correctly, then you do in fact need to take an HPT. The sooner the better. Its time to stop kidding yourself about this and just go take the home pregnancy test. Its important to know. Use first morning urine, so take it tomorrow morning.While you are at the drug store or grocery store , please pick up some prenatal vitamins or folic acid supplements and start taking one every day. If you choose to keep using condoms this way, then you will end up pregnant soon enough and its very important to start taking prenatals and or folic acid at least 3 months before conception. This helps prevent spina bifida, which is a very serious and often preventable birth defect.
Can you still be pregnant if you get your period on time?
Q: I got my period this morning, and it was supposed to come this week, so does this mean I’m in the clear, and that you can’t become pregnant because your period came on time? You can’t be pregnant if your period comes on time, right? Just curious, but not overly concerned. And it’s not spotting, so I think I’m okay? Thank you.
A: It’s highly unlikely you would be pregnant if you got your period, even if it wasnt on time.If it was the case, how many millions upon millions of women, would have to buy pregnancy tests every month.
Do you always have noticeable holes in your nipples?
Q: My husband and I have been trying. And well I guess this time it didn’t work either. I go tmy period two weeks late. Before I started my period my nipples have been really sore for about two weeks. (My nipples are never sore before my period) Also they have been kinda purplish. and very sensitive. I am not on my period anymore but I get cramps in my stomach alot. My husband and I haven’t tried since march becuz he is away with his job. He comes home on the 23rd and I can’t wait!!!!! But just wanted to know. There is no way I am pregnant right? My period was two weeks late and I took tests up until my period came and all neg. I looked at one and it turned pos the next day but I know it was invaid. I was just wondering becuz my nipples are really weird. Has anyone gotten neg pregnancy tests and a period and still been pregnant. Oh and I have a dark ring around my nipples. Does that mean anything? I know i’m prolly not but I was just wondering. Thank you if you answer this and god bless.My period was actually kinda light this month and more pink than usual and the last few days it was brown. but it was a full 7 days.
A: Well if you got your period, you are not pregnant. But i would go to the doctor to check whats wrong with your nipples… there may be something wrong
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