If your 7 weeks pregnant, when are you due

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If you are 7 weeks pregnant, you are due in 33 weeks. Due dates are calculated 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-7-weeks-pregnant%2C-when-are-you-due ]
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Are these symptoms normal at approx 7 weeks pregnant???
Q: My period would be due this week/next week and I keep having cramps like when I am due my period, however I am approx 7 weeks pregnant nearly 8 weeks therefore not sure if these cramps are normal. Can you get cramps like your period is going to start each month through pregnancy???? I had nausea up until yesterday and today I am just really bloated, constipated and very tired. I also keep feeling a little dizzy and still frequenlty needing to urinate. I am terrified of losing my baby. I have not had any bleeding or anything. I am probably overreacting but I do not know what to expect and each twinge or feeling has me panicing. I have an appointment with my midwife in a couple of days but just wanted to know if anyone else has had these cramps/symptoms??? Thanks
A: Yes, this is very common. As long as the cramping isn’t more painful than usual ( menstrual like). You are having any bleeding so that’s good. The first 3 months of pregnancy aren’t easy. You mentioned that you feel the need to urinate frequently. Do you have a UTI ( urinary tract infection).? Is this your first pregnancy??If so, you will be more focused on the symptoms that you are experiencing. Is the cramping more to one side than the other.Are you having any vaginal discharge?? Any fever, chills or sweats?? Back pain?? The best advice would be to call the Doc’s office and speak with the Nurse so that she can gather information and make a decision based on your symptoms etc. I hope that this helps. Congrats.
What will you do when your best friend trying to ruin your relationship with your Fiancée?
Q: My best friend who I know for six year, who I helped in extreme financial difficulties even when she were unable to pay her rent and groceries, she tried several time in the past to have a relationship with me so we can get married. We discussed this thing several times and due to many reasons I made her clear that it is not feasible for both of us to have this kind of relationship. She agreed with me and we never tried again to develop that kind of relationship between us but became very good friend. Now that I am a successful person and engaged with someone else and my friend is trying every possible means to break my relationship with my Fiancée and her family. Unfortunately she seduced me several times and one time we had intimacy while we were drunk. Ever since she has been claiming that she is pregnant though so far three ultrasounds and three blood tests are negative but she claims she is 7 weeks pregnant. She trying to be against the abortion but already uses high potency antibiotic in early pregnancy (if there is one) and she is a very heavy smoker. So she already insulting the embryo and trying to blame others for the act. She already called my Fiancée’s family about the pregnancy to ruin my relationship with them. Yes I did request her for abortion if there is any pregnancy since it is also man’s right to make reproductive choices in the event of an unintended pregnancy especially when there are malintentions involved under the circumstances I described above.So please provide your opinion on this situation when someone already cleared in her mind that I am engaged and will be getting married soon but with her planned actions she is trying to break it?
A: I don’t think a man has a right to tell a woman to have a abortion! You shouldn’t have sleep with her!!!! You shouldn’t have even been drinking with her in the first place. Sounds to me you do have some type of feelings for this girl cause your asking a bunch of strangers for the obvious answer.
7 Weeks Pregnant, are we ready?
Q: I am 19, turning 20 in April. I just found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 1/2 years. We both live at home with our parents. We have been planning on finding an apartment for sometime in June-July. We decided this before the pregnancy. For the last week we have been trying to decide what to do with the child. As there are 3 clear options. We are both young, 20 years old and know that many think we are too young, but when something unexpected happens there is not much you can do about it. We have mostly come to the conclusion to keep the baby and raise it. The only worry I have is, are we financially stable? My boyfriend makes $2000 a month after taxes. And I make $2200 a month after taxes. I will be off work and have mat and parental leave for one year where I believe I am qualified for 55% of my wage. The baby is Due in September and it is end of January right now. We will start saving Feb 1 and hopefully have a place by July 1st. Living on our own, paying rent, buy groceries, making insurance payments and the day to day costs of living are we financially capable of having a child?Please correct me about Alberta’s mat leave and parental leave if I am wrong. This is all new to me and I’m trying to figure out our finances while I would be staying at home with the baby for a year, and also what kind of funding I qualify for. Thanks for your help and any suggestions or advice would be so much appreciated!I should have mentioned I was taking birthcontrol pills when this happend. I missed 2 days but other then have have taken them at the same time everyday. So i DID take precaution to not get pregnant and have sex safely. I did clearly stated we are keeping the child, so I dont need lecutures about killing my child and being irresponsible thank-you. My question is financially are we ready.
A: On the martertiny leave in Texas is called FMLA, “Family Medical Leave Act” this is granted to a FT employee after completing a full year of employment with at least 1250 hours worked. FMLA only covers your time off it does not pay your time… FMLA will just protect your job meaning you will be back to the same/similar position and pay. As far as getting paid for your time off, I would recommend you look into “STD” meaning Short Term Disability…this is what will pay your time off. Some companies offer it some don’t. If your company does not offer STD then I would consider buying STD Insurace on your own or via Afflak or something rather…. I know it seems like it will be alot to take and it will change your life, but please don’t think for a minute that you should get rid of your baby! It’s a little angel and yours, take care of it. Once you know your baby is here, you will want to work extra harder for him/her to provide all they will need.
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