If your period blood is brown does that mean your pregnant

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No, brown period blood does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. Brown blood is older blood . ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-period-blood-is-brown-does-that-mean-your-pregnant ]
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Can a period of brown blood mean pregnancy?
I just started a new brand of pills and my period was brown at first too so I wouldn’t worry about it. After taking it for one month you are covered.

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If when your on your period and u bleed brown blood and some red blood does that mean u can’t have babies?
Q: Me and my friend were talking and she said that she bleeds brown and never red when shes on her period and said that someone told her she might not can get pregnant. And I bleed brown too sometimes? Does anyone know if thats true? Have any of you bleed brown before and have a child or are pregnant?
A: That absolutely DOES NOT mean that you can’t get pregnant! Blood is blood, which does not change colors depending on your fertility. Blood changes colors with age, and you may sometimes bleed older blood which may appear more brown that usual. Nothing to worry about.
if you see light bleeding that looks pink and then brown before your period comes down what does it mean?
Q: my period is to come on on the 25th of sept but i have seen light pink blood when i wiped myself then it disapeared could i be pregnant and the light pink blood appeared as well 3days ago
A: Honestly, light bleeding can mean a number of things. I have had irregular periods in the past and had spotty bleeding. The bleeding would be light at one time and heavy the next. I have had light pink blood and then I found out I have ovarain cysts. These are common and they can rupture and then bleed a bit. If you have moderate/severe pain with bleeding outside of your regular time, see your doctor. Sometimes light bleeding can be a sign of pregnancy. Being on birthcontrol can cause breakthrough bleeding. Or you might have had a very light period. Either way, if it bothers you, go see a doc and get it checked out. Take care :0)
Is the brown blood that comes before and after your period considered spotting?
Q: If it is….. then on monday when i went to the bathroom i noticed it then the rest of the day and yesterday there was none and then today i noticed and now its gone. Does it mean im pregnant?
A: Most the time brownish discharge just means that from your peirod there was dryed blood that is just now coming out. Its not usually harmful. But if you are pregnant it could mean that you could be having a miscarriage. 18 weeks pregnant with first child (3rd pregnancy)
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