If your period is late. Does that mean you’re pregnant

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A woman can miss her period because of stress, change in medications, weight changes, pregnancy and changes in schedule. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-period-is-late.-does-that-mean-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Does a late and short period mean you’re pregnant??
Yes, it could do. Take a test

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if your period is late more than a week late, does it necessarily mean you’re pregnant?
Q: and how late does your period have to be to know that you’re pregnant?
A: no not necessarily, it could be a lot of things like stress, periods are not always on time even if your usually regular, could be lack of iron, anything but could also be pregnant. so maybe if u take a test you could know a bit more.
I had protected sex with my boyfriend but my period is late, what does this mean?
Q: My last period ended about four weeks ago and then I had protected sex with my boyfriend (a condom was used) about 3 days later. I haven’t gotten my period yet, but then again I’m never regular. I’ve heard that stressing out about when you get your period can make it come even later, but I don’t know if that’s true. Also, I’ve been getting white vaginal discharge, which I know is normal (I’ve always had it) but would I still be getting it if I were pregnant? What are some symptoms that I would be able to recognize this early on? AND is it true that stressing about whether or not you’re pregnant can delay your period?
A: Stressing out about whether or not you’re pregnant can definitely delay your period. I’m pretty sure you can still get white vaginal discharge if you are pregnant. The earliest sign of pregnancy women see is usually the missed period. Some other symptoms that you MAY experience early on are:spottingtender breaststirednessmorning sicknessbackachesheadachesIt IS a possibility that the condom broke, I suppose, but don’t stress out about it to much. If your period doesn’t come within a few days, you should probably get a pregnancy test. Good luck.
What do women mean when they say “my period is late”?
Q: Ok…this is kind of confusing but hopefully I can explain. So sometimes when women think they’re pregnant, they say “i’m pregnant, my period is late”…so does this mean that if you’re pregnant, you will still get your period that month? Or do these women actually mean “i’m pregnant, i missed my period”?
A: most of the time your period stops when you are pregnant. some women freak out when they are late sometimes if they have had unprotected sex. however, you can see your period even if you are pregos
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