If your pregnant when do your breasts stop hurting

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It seems that that may change from woman to woman, some women’s stop hurting and start hurting again at different intervals! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-pregnant-when-do-your-breasts-stop-hurting ]
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When do tender breasts stop hurting in pregnancy – HealthBoards M…?
mine would hurt off and on during the first trimester by the second they really didn’t hurt anymore. during the 3rd they hurt bad and itched like crazy. Try putting a cold cabbage leaf in your bra something in the cabbage leaf will help
Do breasts stop hurting around 6 weeks of pregnancy??
Hell, I am Mrs. Truitt from Mississippi, 29, married with three kids. I am 7 weeks and my breast still hurt. I never notice my breast hurting with my other kids. I am sure that they still hurt at 6 and weeks.
Is it normal for your breasts to stop hurting suddenly during ver…?
Oh yes, it is normal for pregnancy symptoms to change from day to day or from week to week. Maybe check with your doctor to rule out any other problems.

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How long do your breasts usually hurt when you are pregnant??
Q: if they stop within the first few weeks is that a miscarriage?i do get very bad cramps on and off throughout the day but i havent had any bleeding yet.
A: My breasts got sensitive at about 6 weeks. I lasted untill, and after, delivery.This is a perfectly normal part of being pregnant that happens to everyone. When in the course of the pregnancy varies greatly. Some women don’t get this until 7 months, at which time their breasts are getting much larger. Your breasts are adjusting, and getting ready for the baby. Whether or not you breast feed, your breasts think they will be. For my first pregancy, I really noticed the need for a new bra at about 6-7 months. With my second (right now), I changed cup sizes at about 6 weeks.
When your pregnant [First Trimester} is it common to have breast tenderness that is ON and OFF??
Q: Does sometimes your breast hurt more than other times, or is it supposed to be consistant pain..if they stop hurting is there something wrong??
A: Yes, it is very common.
How long and when do your breasts usually hurt due to pms/menstruation?
Q: My breasts have been hurting for a week and a half!! They absolutely ache and won’t stop. They’ve only hurt like this before when I was pregnant. I really would like to be pregnant, but I don’t want to jump the gun, and assume that I am. Several women have told me that it’s normal for them to hurt around menstruation, but I didn’t think that it was normal for them to ache this badly nonstop for a week. What’s been your experience with this? And Please….if you are going to say go buy a preg. test, save your energy, b/c it’s still too early. Could there be something wrong with my breasts??
A: NO, i don’t think there’s something wrong. mine will hurt for a week before my period, that’s how i know i’m gonna start. I even get bad cravings and eat like a mad cow 2 weeks before mine.
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