Is a girl more or less likely to get pregnant while on her period

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A woman is most likely to get pregnant during the three days before and after her period. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is a girl more or less likely to get pregnant while on her period?
A woman is most likely to get pregnant during the three days before and after her period. ChaCha on!

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I feel too different from everyone else in this world. What do you think?
Q: Sorry this is so long, but I have a lot to talk about. If you don’t like it then don’t answer. I’m 17 and I have the loner personality. I’ve been depressed and anxious for a very long time now. The reason is family problems and personal problems. My family’s kind of dysfuntional, so nobody ever talks to each other because nobody listens to each other. Being around them causes me discomfort. I plan on leaving as soon as I can to get away from them and finally be alone for a while.I have social anxiety so I don’t have any friends. I have this problem with judging people. I judge them based on everything. It could be looks, personality, or attitude. Sometimes I find someone I simply don’t like, but other times I judge good people unfairly. I’m trying to break down these barriers now through counselling and involving myself a little more. Since I’m always alone, I spend much of my time thinking. I was even thinking randomly today about whether I’ll go to heaven or hell, and I’m not even religious. I accept the belief, I’m just not entirely sure if religion is real or not. I can’t explain it, but I tend to do things differently from everyone else. I think it’s just my creative mind because I get bored doing things the normal way. Most people see me as creepy and weird. I don’t really care because I actually like having people think of me in that way. I don’t want to feel normal because most of the normal people I know are boring and have too many stupid problems.Now onto something even stranger. I think that I may have this innate desire to be a woman. I’ll always be a man so don’t think that. It’s just that through counselling, I’ve learned that I’m very sensitive about women and actually prefer being around them. Men are too gross, loud, and stupid. This girl I know told me she was having her period for whatever reason. She’s just very open. I know her and I’ve discovered her and I are very similar and opposite at them same time. She was telling me this and she told me how she was having pain and she didn’t have any pads on her. I felt so bad and even later my abdomen started to hurt. That’s when I told her that I feel inferior to women because I can’t get pregnant and I can’t have periods. She told me no boy has ever told her that before. Some probably feel the same way I do but are too afraid to admit it. It’s so much easier to talk to girls about this kind of stuff because they’re less judgemental.I have this insane desire to hurt myself. Not to bring out my own pain like most people, but to actually feel other people’s pain. I’ve never thought about hurting myself until I started thinking deeply about other people and what they’re going through. For example, if a woman is on her period or having a baby, then I want to cut myself across my stomach to feel what they feel. So far I haven’t done anything yet, but once I start living alone, I might start doing all kinds of insane things.Sorry if I didn’t make anything clear enough, but the basic thought is that I feel very different from everyone. Most people my age can’t even type a sentence without making a spelling error, while I’m more likely to proofread my work. I think that at my age, I’m trying to act too adult and take on too much. I’m always concerned about others and I want to help them. However, there’s not much I can do now because I’m just a kid. I’m finding hard to explain my feelings precisely right now. Just think of any famous loner you know and then think of me. We’re very similar in those ways. What do you think of me? I know it’s hard to get a picture of me just from these few paragraphs. If you knew me, you would think I was weird for sure.
A: You’re a very interesting person. Trust me, you’re not weird. From what I can tell, you would make a really good friend. You may feel different because you’re insecure. I’m not saying that in a bad way, I’m also very insecure, and I also feel different, but I know we have a lot more in common with other people than we think. You’re definitely smarter than the average 17yo. As for feeling feminine, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You will come to a conclusion of who you really are. All you need to do is be yourself and don’t act a certain way to please other people who you might think can not understand you, or will not accept you. Hang around people you feel comfortable with. You should try to be more social, for your own good. If you feel you can trust someone, than be open with that person and don’t let your feelings bottle up inside. It’s not a good thing and being alone all the time will have consequences. The most important thing that you have to do is to accept yourself, it’s not easy when there are people around you that harm you emotionally, and it takes time, but you can overcome those insecurities. I would wait till you’re 18 to leave your house, unless you’re being abused in your home. Don’t get out of a bad living situation and get into a worse one. You can get a job, if you don’t already have one, save some money and perhaps you can get your own place with a roommate. Preferably with someone that you feel comfortable with and understands you. You’re a great guy, don’t doubt that and it really doesn’t matter what stupid people think. Anyone who judges you for who you’re is not worth having as a friend. Just try to be the best that you can be.If you’d like to talk, or if you simply want a friend, you can consider me one. I understand what you’re going through, as I went through a very rough time when I was your age. Take care! my email is [email protected]
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