Is a loss of appetite a sign of being pregnant

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Loss of appetite during early pregnancy is mainly due to nausea. The feeling of nausea reduces the desire to eat. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is a loss of appetite a sign of being pregnant
Loss of appetite during early pregnancy is mainly due to nausea. The feeling of nausea reduces the desire to eat. ChaCha!
Is A Loss Of Appetite A Early Sign Of Being Pregnant??
Firstly go for a pregnancy test you can get the pregnancy testing sticks. Loss of appetite can be a sign and try to smell food if you feel nauseated then may be you are pregnant.
Can loss of appetite be a sign in the first week of pregnancy??
Most likely you won’t notice any symptoms until about the time you’ve missed a period – or a week or two later. Here’s a list of the earliest signs/symptons: Tender, swollen breasts Fatigue Implantation bleeding Nausea or vomiting Increased…

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is loss of appetite a sign that your pregnant?
Q: Ok so I’m not sure if I’m pregnant or not I’m going to take a test in 2 days to see, but like I said in my other question I had a brown spotting about 3 weeks ago and now I am experiencing a loss of appetite and I don’t wanna eat anything and when I do I feel sick. Did anyone else experience this before or when they were pregnant? Thank you.
A: no, when your pregnant you get hungrier. bc you have someone else there taking everything out of you. just sounds like your worrying too much.
is upset stomach and loss of appetite a sign of pregnancy?
Q: i gave my girlfriend a pregnancy test a week before her period, and i heard she could still have her period even if shes pregnant. the test showed negative but after her period shes had a loss of appetite and her stomach never feels well, its been going on for three days now.
A: I was 7 weeks pregnant when I found out and I had a normal period during that time. Your best bet is to take it easy and not stress the stress can add to all the symptoms…so relax take it easy keep her calm and wait a week or two and try again…Good luck
Discharge and Loss of appetite, sign of pregnancy? or pill? confused so please help x?
Q: Ok come off the pill for 2 months, but due to work circumstances, i need to wait around another 6 months, so when AF came, i started to take the pill again (proges only) but my period only lasted for 2 days and was pink and watery and hardly anything there, i thought it was the start of my period, after 2 days it stopped, this was now 5 days ago and I have been takin the pill again for 5 days!but i have the following symptoms,for the last 7-10 days I have had ALOT of discharge, more than I have ever had, i thought it was just because my hormones were all over the place until my best friend reminded me that thats how she knew she was pregnant, and then i remembered during my last pregnancy i had the EXACT same thing. I have had a STD and STI test 3 weeks ago, as part of a routine medical examination i have every year,so i now its nothing like that, been with my partner for 9 years now, im 23! the discharge is clear/white consistancy of egg white TMI sorry, like stretchy!I have lost my apetite completly, and my mouth feels like its craving something, bu tim not sure what, if that makes sence???Could I be pregnant?Just a slight confusion, i ususally ovualted around 12 days after my period, so why would i be ovulation plus bleeding at the same time??
A: They’re signs of pregnancy yes, but my cousin went through the same thing, and that was due to her starting the pill again just randomly.It would be best to visit your GP just to make sure you’re not pregnant, or have any other health problems. Im sure it’s nothing to worry about, but you’ll have to get it checked out :)Good luck :)x
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