Is alicia minshew pregnant

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Alicia Minshew is not Pregnant. She is however getting Married to Richie Herschenfeld this month! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Alicia Menshew pregnant?
I was wondering how they were going to cover up a pregnancy with someone as thin as her. But, you’re right, so far it’s not much of a problem.

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Have you noticed this recently with Kendall (AMC)?
Q: Ever since Kendall came out of her coma, she always has a pillow or something covering her stomach. Is Alicia Minshew (Kendall) pregnant in her real life, off the show?
A: Because she just had a heart transplant, she’d have a nasty scar and the pillow gives her support. I think they’re trying for once to be realistic. People with surgeries always use a pillow. In fact, the Amer. Heart Assoc has a volunteer group who make pillows for heart patients and it’s called “mending hearts group”.
amc spoiler can someone explain to me how the hell?
Q: is zack going to be Bink’s new baby daddy? do u think that she needs another baby from that bloodline to help miranda somehow so that will explain the new baby from zack if this is true.Natalia comes to town, and is revealed to be Jesse’s daughter. Natalia has some shocking news for Jesse. Frankie confronts Jesse over this.Zach tells Annie to see a shrink that he has personally set up for her. In reality, Zach is setting up Annie. Behind a two way mirror, Zach hears Annie confess she killed Richie. Zach uses this to tell Annie she must give up total custody of Emma, and get the help she needs, or Zach, and the shrink will testify that Annie murdered her brother.Thanks to Ezra for this scoop. Greenlee discovers that Aiden put a bug in her earring to spy on her. Of course, Greenlee is furious at her hubby’s deception, and angrily walks out on him. Talking to Kendall, she says the marriage is over, and then they talk about Ryan. Kendall pushes Greenlee to Ryan’s side.Kendall is confronted by a man who says that Bella was tainted. Angie confirms the man’s claims. Kendall sees Adam, and accuses him of tampering. Erica comes to Adam’s aid, causing Kendall to wonder if Erica is nuts. Erica assures Kendall that she’ll get to the bottom of all of it.Petey confesses to Colby that he, along with Adam, tainted “Bella”. Adam warns Colby that Petey will pay a price if she tells anyone of what they’re up to. Colby makes a plea to Petey to fess up.Someone hires Tad to investigate Taylor, and her strange behavior.Zach has a near death experience coming up. After that he realizes that he cannot be without Kendall.Babe resigns from Fusion, as her and JR plan to move to California after their wedding.Tired of Carmen hanging around Jack, Erica tells Carmen to back off. Carmen accuses Erica of still having feeling for Jack.Greenlee cannot deny any longer her feelings about Ryan.Taylor is 100% cleared to go back to Iraq. But will she???Zach makes a shocking discovery. He finds Bianca in a pile of rubble. What’s worse, Bianca is pregnant.STRONG RUMOR; The tornado will leave Kendall in a coma. Alicia Minshew will be leaving shortly to get married, and take some time off.Bianca comes back pregnant, and the daddy will be….Zach!!!Some news of note;According to various ABC sources, the tornado scenes will start Oct. 13th, and will last the week. According to Julie Hanan Carruthers, the “cleanup” will go on until December.pseudony: if you come on here to soaps to answer question you will see amc allot for ALL MY CHILDRENhere is the 1st time i read about binks new baby on the wayWhen Bianca returns to town this time around, she will have a brand new “someone special” in her life and a big surprise — Bianca is pregnant! And wait until everyone finds out who the “father” is. For more on Bianca’s new girlfriend, click here.
A: I am confused…….Zach finds Bianca in a pile of rubble and what’s worse she is pregnant? How did Zach get to be the Baby Daddy?I can’t even seeing Kendall agreeing to that set up, I mean, she is related to Bianca,,,,,,I still think Zoe will be the Daddy because he/she and Bianca were so very very close, but not ready to move into a relationship, but he could still give her a baby.
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