Is Angelina Jolie pregnant

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Yes,if you believe the April 27 issue of Star,a tabloid that has never heard a rumor it didn’t report as fact “Angie is pregnant,” [ Source: ]
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Yes she is pregnat with her 7th child or maybe 8th who knows!
Some say she is 2 1/2 or 3 months pregnant. I’m not 100% though.
According to the tabloids she may be pregnant again. She did just give birth a couple of months ago but it would not surprise me at all if she was pregnant again. They are also supposedly going to adopt another child in 2009.

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is angelina jolie pregnant with someone elses baby?
Q: i heard that her & brad split for a little while, and she came back pregnant with someone elses baby.
A: maybe she slept with her brother … since she makes out with him in public who knows what they do behind closed doors.
Angelina Jolie Pregnant AGAIN?
Q: At the grocery store, in passing, I saw a headline on a couple of magazines that claimed Angelina Jolie is pregnant again with twins. Somebody please tell me this is a joke.If she really is looking into fertility treatments to have another set of twins, I think she needs to have her head examined. What kind of life do these children have?
A: I don’t believe that it is true. But I think she wants to raise a nation. I think that her personal contact with her children is very limited and she employs a number on nannies. I can just imagine what kind of personalities these children will develop?
is Angelina Jolie pregnant?
Q: Is Angelina Jolie pregnant? How many month would it be?
A: Some say she is 2 1/2 or 3 months pregnant. I’m not 100% though.
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