Is avril lavigne pregnant

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Avril Lavigne is rumored to be expecting her 1st child with husband Deryck Whibley. The two owned a home together for 2 years. [ Source: ]
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Avril Lavigne has gained some weight but she is not pregnant. She has fallen victim to one of the tabloid rumor mills!
no she is not pregnet it was a big trick 4 paparatzzi if you don’t believe me go on and type in is avril lavigne pregnet
No. She was once rumoured to be, but she was actually faking it to fool the media.

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Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant?
Q: Rumous say that Avril Is Pregnant. I have also seen some photos. Chek them out! skip to main | skip to sidebar Saturday, January 12, 2008Is Avril Pregnant? Is Avril Lavigne pregnant? I’ve heard a bunch of rumors that she is and I didn’t believe them til my friend told me she heard Avril anounce it on mix 96.1 that she is 1 month! Well I still don’t know for sure if she is but I will keep you updated on the news! If you have any news then you can tell me in the shoutbox. As for me I will support Avril if she is pregnant and I’ll be happy for both Avril & Derrick! Also here are some pics of her that look like she might be pregnant… Posted by #1avrilfan at 4:56 PM Labels: Avril Lavigne
A: Hi – unfortunately, those photos of Avril you’re linking to were taken a long time ago.Gossip about Avril being pregnant pop up every once in a while, but have always ended up being false. And considering those same rumours always get a lot of press coverage online, I’d assume if she *actually* announced she’s pregnant (like you’re friend said she heard on the radio) it would definitely be reported somewhere mainstream, which it hasn’t…And I think in those lower photos you linked to, the ‘bulge’ mark could be from a large buckle that her shirt is hanging over.BTW your first batch of photos were taken on or before September 2007 (see 1st link in my sources below for one site displaying them back then) and your second batch were taken in March 2008 or before (see 2nd link in my sources below for site showing one of them back then).So no – she isn’t pregnant right now (or at least hasn’t announced it anywhere if she is)Hope that answers your question.
Is avril lavigne pregnant?
Q: I’m an italian girl, and here I hear different opinion about avril lavigne pregnancy….can you telle me something sure? She said that she’s pregnant or not?Thank you and sorry for my english!
A: US OK! magazine and E! says that she is but i’m not sure sorry… i supose we’ll find out soon
Is Avril Lavigne pregnant or not?!?
Q: I heard Avril Lavigne was pregnent and that she wasn’t….WHICH IS TRUE??!
A: no shes not. she was doing it as a joke to get back at the paparazzi. it was on Pop Fiction
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