Is Beyonce Knowles pregnant

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At this time Beyoncé Knowles is newly married and not currently pregnant with a her new husbands child. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Beyonce Knowles pregnant is a rumor that has been spread through Hollywood. It is said to be the reason that she and Jay-Z married, but there is no truth to the matter!
Yes, she is their is a picture of her and J ay-z at some party and she has a baby bump. I think she is pregnant because at the Hope for Haiti Now program it looked like she was going to have a baby.
She has been pregnant for the last 2 years. The baby just doesn’t want to come out because it doesn’t want to look at Jay-Z’s scary mug.

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Is Beyonce Knowles pregnant??
Q: Is Beyonce pregnant?? Bcuz my friend told me that she was, but i haven’t heard it on yahoo or comcast, or celebrity gossip kind of things. I just wanted know if anyone else knew, or if it was true. Thanx
A: Not that I know of.
Is Beyonce’ Knowles pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby?
Q: I’ve been hearing this rumor about 2 weeks or so after they got married and this would mean alot to me if she was pregnant because I would be even more happy for her than I was when she got married. I LOVE Beyonce’, she is my role model and I’ve followed her career ever since she first started Destiny’s Child. (I was like 3 or 4 years But is this true? And even if it’s not I give them best wishes anyways
A: I dont think that shes pregnant. There were rumors out months ago that she were pregnant. The rumors ended up being false. If it were true that she was pregnant Beyonce wouldve been months along by now plus she wouldve been showing
Is Beyonce Knowles pregnant? She sure looked like she had gained some weight at the VMA’s.?
A: I thought she had gained some weight also…. but she still looked good. The cut of her dress (the bottom part) was very unflattering, with the draping and gathers right at her hips. It made her appear larger around the mid section. I believe you were actually supposed to be more focused on her chest. LOL! She’s a beautiful woman no matter what.
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