Is brenda pregnant

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Magic 8 Ball says Definitely! ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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Is brenda pregnant
Magic 8 Ball says Definitely! ChaCha again!
Is Brenda Song pregnant’?’
Brenda IS pregnant.. with maybe Joe Jonas’s baby… She said she didn’t know him 3 months back but we saw them holding hands at the disney channel games! BAM!
Who got ‘Brenda’ From Hairspray Pregnant?
Yeah, it was Corny. I seen that girl in an interview on YouTube once and she said that Corny had got her pregnant. You member ‘Not as free-wheelin’.’?

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Is brenda song pregnant?
A: Um, no. I don’t think so.
What season of 90210 has the episode when Brenda thought that she was pregnant by Dylan?
Q: I’m trying to stock up on all of the 90210 seasons. I have season 5 and 6.
A: I think season 2.
Q: I am not even joking!!!!” asked Brenda (who lives round the block from me) if she was pregnant and after hesitating a bit but explained that she is pregnant and it’s her 3rd month, but how come we didn’t see it when she was in Greece or Paris? That’s because she wasn’t wearing anything revealing until accidentally today she wore a belly-bearing shirt and everything was pretty much obvious. Duh!So, the biggest question ever: is Joe Jonas the father? “Actually, no we weren’t together these past months,” Brenda explained, “But we didn’t want to break our fans’ hearts so we hid it and I guess well. But I’m definitely not revealing the father’s name…”And she still didn’t say the father’s name, but we guess according to other resources it is Jesse McCartney because they were last seen kissing in a small café in L.A.Well, who knows? She might even be pregnant with Joe’s baby but she doesn’t know…But the truth we know for now that she isn’t Joe’s girl anymore. Or is Joe cheating on Camilla Belle…. Too many questions with a few answers. “
A: Who and what are you talking about?
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