Is Candace Parker pregnant

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Candace Parker is expecting her first child this spring. Her husband is Shelden Williams of the Sacramento Kings. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is Candace Parker pregnant?
Looks like it: “The announcement that Candace Parker, the Associated Press female athlete of 2008 and the marketing face of the WNBA will give birth this …
Is it true that Candace Parker is pregnant and when is she due??
“Candace Parker, the WNBA’s most valuable player last season, is indeed pregnant.” Candace Parker, the WNBA’s most valuable player last season, is indeed pregnant. The Sparks confirmed the news this morning, but the team’s release…
When did Candace Parker get married and all the sudden shes pregn…?
She got married a while ago. And she got pregnant like a few weeks ago. She’s to hot for sheldons ugly self…..Old news anyways.

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is candace parker pregnant?
Q: i think she is
A: Yes she is…Her fiance is Sheldon Williams..She wont be playing this WNBA season…
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