Is demi lovato pregnant

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There is no truth to the rumor that Demi Lovato is pregnant. Keep doing the ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Demi Lovato pregnant?
NO! Demi would never do anything that stupid. She’s only 17 and has a long life ahead of her.
Was demi lovato pregnant?
No, There is no truth to rumor that Demi Lovato is pregnant. She doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex.
Was demi lovato ever pregnant?
I dont think so but she is fake and not inocent like she claims to be

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Is Demi Lovato Pregnant?
Q: a couple of my friends told me that demi lovato is pregnant, is it true?
A: No, she’s not pregnant, she’s not like that.
Is it true that Nick Jonas got Demi Lovato pregnant?
A: False. He got Selena Gomez pregnant.
Demi Lovato is pregnant!!!!!!! She and Joe are going to have a baby!! She’s 15 and he’s 18 he could go to jail
A: if her parents push the issue then possibly he could go to jail.
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