Is doing drugs genetic

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Some drugs have been proven to be genetic. For example if a pregnant mother does drugs, her baby may carry on the traits. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is doing drugs genetic
Some drugs have been proven to be genetic. For example if a pregnant mother does drugs, her baby may carry on the traits. ChaCha!
Why are drug companies doing population genetics research??
It has turned out though, that people who are studying what we call pharmacogenomics – i.e., the way genetic factors influence our responses to drugs – people who are studying pharmacogenomics are very interested in racial group differences…

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What relation does the soul, supposedly, have to the physical properties of the brain?
Q: I mean, Christianity clearly believes in dualism (That the brain and mind are different to one another) but then what do you make of things like lobotomies, psychiatric drugs, genetic temperament, EEGs, MRIs, CAT scans, brain damage, and mental disorders such as Huntington’s disease.It’s fairly inarguable that your thoughts and actions have SOME relation to the physical makeup of the brain, so how can you maintain that the mind/soul is non-physical?And if it IS physical, how can you reject materialism and claim freewill?I apologize if I sound like I am being inflammatory. I’m merely trying to understand your beliefs. Thank you.jsjsjnab, but as you put it, then the mind is INDEED physical as information is stored by physical properties such as electrons, neurons, and a series of chemicals.And in those terms, it would be (technically) possible to replicate the human soul, as it were.What would be the difference be between an elaborate computer that shares the same properties and a person?”Not the physical, the thinking.”But thinking can be physically monitored, measured, and even emulated to some degree.
A: Do u understand how computers work. If yes then……..Mind is like a software like a program AND Brain is like Hardware (Physical).Soul/mind is the programming according to which brain will work.U may always check the hardware/brain using MRIs, CAT scan etc but u can not see the software/soul/mind/programming inside it.U can also enhance or damage ur brain/hardware with drugs.Soul/Mind is the actual YOU. Brain is just a part of the body without which u can not control ur body.I hope I gave u what u were looking for.
Do organ rejection drugs cause recurrent cold sores?
Q: my spouse is permanently on organ rejection drugs for a genetic auto immune disorder. He gets cold sores nearly every month. Are the organ rejection drugs somehow lowering his immunity and causing herpes flareups?or is it unrelated? He was also on prednisone for years, though they have now weaned him off of that one. How long after going off prednisone is the immunity weakened? Can that cause cold sores to appear? Is there a medicine he could take to reduce the frequency of those cold sores?
A: Anything that weakens the immune system can cause a flare up of cold sores. There are medications he can take to reduce the frequency of the cold sore attacks. He should talk to his doctor about Valtrex and whether or not he can take it. It is an anti-viral medication.
Muslim, a test question just for you.?
Q: Dear Muslims, allah teaches that all muslims should not eat nor even touch pork. What if a muslim follows all that but on his death bed, he accidentally gets injected by a freak doctor with a swine-based genetic drug?Will allah accept the muslim into allah’s habitat? Or will allah reject him? If allah accepts him based on the man’s deeds, doesn’t it mean that the quran is talking rubbish when it says not to eat pork? So should you or should you not follow the quran? What’s the point of asking someone to do something when he can be forgiven for not doing it?
A: Ahah! tell the truth..are you that freak doctor or that swine-based genetic drug?!
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