Is exercise bad for pregnant women

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Exercising in pregnancy is good for you. It is also good for your baby. Benefits include an easier labor. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What types of exercise is bad for a pregnant woman?
During pregnancies you should be able to maintain the exercise routine you were doing prior to pregnancy, it is not advised MORE
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What are some good exercises for pregnant women?
Walkinggggggggggggggggg :] I walk everywhere. Its good exercise and helps the baby go down into the pelvis!

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Pregnant women what would you do?
Q: For the past 3 days whenever i come home i am hobbling bc im so swollen and when i take off my shoes there is blood (a small amount) on my socks and whenever i prop my feet up and fall asleep when i wake up there is a small amount of blood on my pillows. I figured out that my feet were so swollen they cracked (i figured this out bc i started to put lotion on them and it STUNG SO BAD!) so i called the nurse at the clinic i go to and the nurse said i need to be seen by the dr today so i go in the dr doesnt even touch me. he walks in says i need to stop eating salty foods, drink water ane exercise. Everything I do i stop drinking pop and just drink water and a little juice, barley eat any salty foods, and i walk around the neighborhood lake with my dogs for like 30-45 min a day. But the dr didnt listen he said that if every pregnant woman’s skin got so swollen that the skin on their bellies would crack and they would be given themselves their own C-Section. After he left the room he…sent in the dietican.( and i heard him tell her thru door tell her she needs to loose weight) she looked at my charts and talked to me and realised i have only gained 15 lbs. since i got pregnant and am 4 mths. so she didnt realise why i was swelling. So the question is If you were basically blown off by your dr and left in pain what would you do?Last week the head dr told me i might be carrying twins
A: He was right about one thing only. Don’t put salt on any of your foods. That will make you swell up bad. Stay away from salty food at all cost. I went through the same thing, but my feet never bled. I was towards the end of my pregnancy with my son at the time. As to the way your doctor treated you,You need to go and get another doctor. It’s perfectly fine to switch doctors even while your pregnant. I was in the middle of my pregnancy with my son when we moved and i got a new and much better doctor. They can transfer your charts over, with no problems what so every.Get a new doctor. You need a doctor that cares, that is for sure. This guy is probably going to be the one to deliver your baby. YOu don’t want some jerk who could care less about the whole thing. YOu want someone you look at, like a friend. What a jerk….I can’t believe he was so inconsiderate. Please, do yourself and your baby a favor and find someone else.
walking pains while pregnant?
Q: Hi, I know walking is supposed to be a great exercise for us pregnant women, but does anyone else feel like they pull their hip flexors or groin area after just an easy 30 min walk? I walked last night, not fast, and after I feel like I pulled a muscle, nothing horrible, but it hurt to roll over in bed last night and I can feel it when I walk now. I am 29 weeks along but this has happened for the past like month or 2. I also feel a lot of pressure on my lower belly when I walk, especially on a treadmill. SO I stopped doing that a while ago. Its not as bad when I am walking outside but I usually opt for the elliptical at the gym which feels fine. Are these normal pregnancy issues, or something I should bring up to my doc? It’s my first pregnancy and so far everything is going well. My energy levels suck, but I think that has to do with having low iron. I just started a supplement last night and already feel better…. Oh and I sometimes get sciatic pain, nothing bad and not everyday, just randomly. What are your opinions on these things and what are some red flags or signs that something is wrong and I should call the doc?
A: It’s normal and it get worse…I thought something was wrong with me and asked the doctor and she said it is normal some get it worse than others. Sometimes I can’t ever roll over in bed because of the pain. Everyone says as soon as the baby comes it goes right away!!! Good luck and I feel you pain.
Do you want to know 12 pregnancy myths to ignore?
Q: It’s not surprising that a large number of myths have arisen regarding the unique challenges associated with pregnancy. Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, a physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, has unearthed the following sample of 12 pregnancy myths that he says can be safely ignored. I’ve never heard of any of these myths; but then, I’ve never been pregnant.The worse your morning sickness, the more likely you are to have a girl. (Dr. Shmerling does point out, however, that several studies have shown that women who are hospitalized for morning sickness are slightly more likely to deliver a girl.)If you raise your arms above your head while pregnant (as when hanging up clothes on a clothesline), the baby will get the cord wrapped around its neck.If you get a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will have a thick head of hair.Avoid sleeping on your back; or, always sleep on your left side.To keep your unborn child safe, avoid sex and exercise during pregnancy.You should not touch a cat while pregnant. Women are indeed advised not to handle their cat’s litter while pregnant because a cat’s stool may carry a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis, a serious infection in the mother and a possible cause of deformities in the fetus. However, other activities, such as petting your cat or allowing it to sit on your lap, are not prohibited. If you want complete peace of mind about this, you can have your cat tested for toxoplasmosis.If you are pregnant, you cannot have x-rays and should avoid microwaves and computer terminals. Excessive or needless radiation should always be avoided, pregnant or not, but you should follow your doctor’s recommendations for x-rays that are necessary. Modern microwave ovens and computer terminals do not expose the fetus to harmful radiation.Don’t take a bath if you are pregnant.If the weather is stormy or the moon is full, you are more likely to go into labor, even if you are weeks away from your due date.Avoid spicy foods — they can trigger labor before you are ready.Avoid bumpy car rides — they can trigger labor; or, labor can be triggered by being bumped in the abdomen or by lifting groceries.You can determine your baby’s gender by the position of sexual intercourse when the baby was conceived, and by how your baby is situated in the womb.
A: i am so glad my wife had to do this.. all i can say is if you have any worries go to the doctor that is what they are there for.. good luck to you all our there that are going to have babies.
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