Is Halle Berry pregnant

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Halle Berry confirmed on Sept. 1, 2009 that she was 3 months pregnant with her second child by longtime boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. [ Source: ]
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i don’t think so, she still has thin stomach.
It could be the angle, it could be the outfit or it could be that Halle really is pregnant. Halle Berry was spotted looking a bit round in her mid section as she headed off to check on the construction happening at her new home in Beverly H…
I guess Kelly Rowland isn’t the only one who is supposedly gettting ready for motherhood. Halle Berry is now rumored to be pregnant after these pictures of her on the phone outside of her Beverly Hills home showed up online. The 39 year old…

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Halle Berry Pregnant..I want to be God mOther?
Q: I love Halle Berry ..she is so beautiful and classy…i am happy that she is finally pregnantthat guy was has been dating the model.sorry i meant …the guy she has been dating..the model
A: I Love Halle Berry too… She’s an amazing actress and she’s so pretty. I’m very happy for her that she finally got pregnant. Especially after what happened with her last husband… that sucked. But she looks really happy now and she deserves it…
who is halle berry pregnant by?
Q: my mom heard that halley berry was pregnant
A: Your mum is right. Halle Berry is expecting a baby from her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry (he’s from Quebec, that’s why he has a french name). She’s 41 and 3 months pregnant. She decided to stop a movie because of that. If I follow the gossips, she’s expecting twins. I don’t know about Aubry. According the medias he’s a model. I agree he’s not very famous.Berry must be careful because she was diagnotised with diabetes. Doctors said she needed to be quiet.
Is Halle Berry pregnant again?
A: Yes she is
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