Is Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus pregnant

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No, there is no indication that Miley Cyrus is pregnant at this time. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus Pregnant?
High School Musical ‘s Vanessa Hudgens (and her naked pictures ) right off her scandalous teen queen throne. Don’t get too excited, yet. Teen mag J-14, which reportedly broke Miley’s pregnancy news, is saying it’s completely false and tha…
Is Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus really pregnant?
“According to her representative, Miley is NOT pregnant.” Miley Cyrus pregnant- Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus pregnant? Is Miley Cyrus pregnant with her on and off boyfriend Nick Jonas? The Miley Cyrus pregnant issue started a…
Does Miley Cyrus have any future plans to adopt the name Hannah M…?
No Miley has no future plans to take the name Hannah Montana it is only her tv character name. ~ChaCha

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is hannah montana/miley cyrus pregnant?
Q: there have been rumors at my school and some people said that they read it in mags
A: No. It’s not true. It’s a false rumor that was started on the internet. Someone scanned a magazine page, and editied it to make it seem like there was a page that Miley Cyrus/Hannah was pregnant. They doctored the article of a page on a J-14 magazine page which was really talking about some gross habits of Miley Cyrus told by her co-stars of Hannah Montana. J-14 immediately took action by saying that it wasn’t true.She’s only 14 so, why won’t people just give her a break?Miley Cyrus is a great person…so at 14 she wouldn’t do that. She’s waiting until she’s married, and until than, she has a long time before something like that will happen.
Is Hannah Montana (miley Cyrus) really pregnant?
Q: I my friends do not beleive me that she is pregnant and so i wanna no the truth
A: first of why are you telling ur friends that she is and where the hell r u getting this from reporters tell the most stupidist lies ever.
Is Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus really pregnant or is it just a rumor?
A: of course she is, didn’t you hear? she and sanjaya are expecting twins! i’m so excited!
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