Is headache a sign of being pregnant More

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The other two early signs of pregnancy are the darkening of the areolas and food cravings. Take care, and ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is headache a sign of being pregnant More
The other two early signs of pregnancy are the darkening of the areolas and food cravings. Take care, and ChaCha on!
Is sudden headaches and nausea a sign of being pregnant??
yeah and if ur lower back hurts and ur breast her and ur very tired and have low engry and ur eating habbs pick up there is a possibilty you could be preagnt
Can cramping and headaches be signs of being pregnant??
Yes. But they can also be signs that your period is arriving soon

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are bad mood swings a sign of being pregnant?
Q: I have recently asked the question about being pregnant, and I keep showing more and more signs of being pregnant but I’m still not sure. I missed my period so far by four days ,which is highally unusual, I’ve had mild dizzy-ness, bad headaches,cramping that is kind of like pms but Kind of different, and now I’m having major mood swings! could this be another sign?When I talk about mood swings I go form being happy to ticked with a matter of seconds! (for no reason and I even cry for no reason) this is very unlike me!
A: The thing with pregnancy, is that in the early stages a woman has symptoms similar to PMT.The headaches can be a sign.I didn’t have headaches, but 2or 3 very sharp pains to one side of my head. The hormonal change can make you snappy and irritable. A major sign is tiredness that can lead to exhaustion due to the bodily changes. Get that Pregnancy test done-that’ll confirm if your missed period has resulted in conception! Baby Dust to you ; )
can having a shorter light period then normal be a sign of being pregnant?
Q: i started spotting 2 days before i started what i thought was my period. it came 4 days early and only lasted 3 days. it was a different color and it was lighter but enough i had to wear a pad. My normal periods are always 7 days long and heavy the frist 3 days and a dark red and clotty and crampy. I was crampy for the first day for about 3 hours and then it was gone and as the day went on it got lighter and lighter. it looked like a rusty/pink and brown not clotty at all. my acutal period was due yesterday and i have been just cramping off and now. kind of feeling sick to my tummy more tired and to me the rounds of my nipples look a little darker more headaches. could i be pregnant??? this just isnt normal for me im not stressed or anything. i took a test and it said neg did i test to soon.
A: That could possibly be implantation bleeding. And those are signs of pregnacy. Wait a few days and take a home test (Buy the test that includes 2) then if you get a neg, wait a week and take the other. Good luck to you!
Could pooping more be a sign of early pregnancy?
Q: Usually I poop about ever two to three days and I have been pooing every day this past week. My stomach has a pain in it, nothing like cramps. I have been having a lot of headaches, more than usually. I feel nausea but I never throw up. We have been trying to have a baby. I haven’t missed my period yet, so I haven’t tested yet.So could I be pregnant?Could this different pooping routine be an eary pregnancy sign?Thanks.
A: This early you should not even have symptoms, but if anything, most pregnant women have trouble with constipation. Sounds like you have a stomach bug or maybe you have been eating more fiber. The only thing that I felt before I missed my period was getting tired quickly and a vague feeling that something was different but I can’t explain exactly what it was. Other than that, the early pregnancy symptoms are the same as what you would feel before you get your period. The nausea didn’t start until about 5 or 6 weeks and I don’t remember any increase in pooping.
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