Is heartburn a symptom of pregnancy

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More than one-half of all pregnant women report symptoms of heartburn, particularly during their second and third trimesters. [ Source: ]
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Is heartburn a early pregnancy symptom?
First off, are you pregnant or have you been trying to get pregnant? Next, if you are not pregnant, I dont think heartburn is an early sign of pregnancy. Heartburn can come from many different things. Heartburn comes from the acid inside o…
Are very sore breast and heartburn or acid reflux 2 days after in…?
From what i remember it takes 7 days for the sperm to fertilize with the egg… so probably not pregnant unless it was from last month
Are cramps tightening of the stomach heartburn headaches and stro…?
They were symptoms of my pregnancy, but just because you’re experiencing these symptoms does not mean that you are pregnant. They can also be symptoms of being overly stressed which can also affect your period.

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Is my heartburn a pregnancy symptom?
Q: I’m taking prenatal vitamins that my doctor recommended since we are trying to conceive. I usually never have heartburn unless I drink alcohol and lay down right away…but I have not have any alcohol in almost 6 months. Is my heartburn a pregnancy symptom or just a side effect of the vitamins?? I’m in my tww :-/..I can’t test until the 27th. Thanks!
A: Heartburn is one of the symptoms of pregnancy…my sis had it too. Do u have any other symptoms? If it is due to vitamins(generally not), u would have heartburn within the first two days of starting it. How long have u been taking it? Skip the vitamins for a day and see if u still have it…If so, u might be preggs! Loads of babydust!!!
Heartburn pregnancy symptom?
Q: My period is late about a little over a week now…We are TTC, and have not had any pregnancy symptoms. I have a question…Can heartburn be a symptom? I have never experience heartburn in my life and for the passed 3 days I have been getting it after i eat…I will test soon but trying to hold off until the end of the week…I just don’t want t o test and it be negative and be disappointed even though I know I could test already…Has anyone ever experienced this before where they have had heartburn as an early pregnancy symptom but have never had it before?
A: Im 14 weeks now and thats how i knew i was pregnant BEFORE i tested. The whole week before i was supposed to start i had severe heartburn, and i never have heartburn ever, Even bread and cereal were giving me heartburn! So i would deffinatly say its a possibility!
Is it possible to have early pregnancy symptom of heartburn in the first week?
Q: Okay, I have (1) child and i knew within a month into the pregnancy I was expecting because my body changed so drastically, BUT i think i may be now (hope i may be), and if i am pregnant i know exactly when it happened 🙂 ,,,,, 8 days ago. My question is…for the past 3 -4 days i have constant heart burn, no matter what I eat/drink and My breast feel “heavier/fuller” (if that makes sense) but aren’t sore and everything i have read says they should feel sore. So,is it possible to have heart burn as a pregnancy symptom THIS early or am I just losing it?
A: well you could be pregnant obviously it is too early to tell. I think that you are so in tune to your body right now becaue you want to be pregnant.
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