Is Heidi Klum pregnant again

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It does not appear as though Heidi Klum is pregnant again. She just had her 4th baby a few months ago. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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yes she is expecting a girl in october 2009
LONDON – Supermodel Heidi Klum has sparked rumours about being pregnant with her fourth child when she was spotted wearing layers of loose-fitting clothes. Klum usually wears figure hugging outfits, but she was seen in ill-fitting loose clo…
London, April 16 (IANS) Supermodel Heidi Klum has sparked rumours about being pregnant with her fourth child when she was spotted wearing layers of loose-fitting clothes. Klum usually wears figure hugging outfits, … Posted in Entertainmen…

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Is Heidi Klum still in Victoria Secret?
Q: did she retire or is she pregnant again? i haven’t seen her on any of the magazine.
A: Yes, Heidi Klum is very much involve with Victoria Secret. She just some time off to have her baby and spend time with him. She still models in the catalogs and do the runway shows. Even though she is busy with a couple of projects of her own.
Pregnant and having serious issues with losing my sexuality. Anyone else go through this?
Q: Alright I am pregnant with my 2nd child. With the first I was young (had her 2 weeks after I turned 21) and my body was in really decent shape. I gained 60 lbs with that one and lost 45 lbs of it before becoming pregnant again 2 years later. Even though I lost most of the weight, my body is so different. I have stretch marks and cellulite and sag and ughh. But I didn’t care too bad before I got pregnant the 2nd time. I would just wear cute clothes and do my hair and makeup and just…it just wans’t an issue. I mean, I was okay with it.But now, I’m pregnant, due in a few weeks, big as house. This baby is bigger than my 1st and I have a lot of new stretchmarks on top of the old ones (even though with this one I have gained 40 pounds, so I do feel better about not gaining as much as last time) and I just feel so…blah and awful and seriously I CRY when I see underwear or swimsuit commercials, I don’t know why because I have never looked like those girls in my life, lol, but I think it’s just cause I haven’t felt sexy in months and I don’t see how I’ll ever feel sexy ever again.My hubby and I still have regular sex and it’s great, I mean I really have a good time and all but after I go into the bathroom and just cry. Please don’t leave me nasty comments or think that I’m shallow. I love my babies with everything in me and I would NEVER trade my body for what I have recieved from them 🙂 It’s the price I paid and I don’t mind at all :)It’s just hard to see women like Heidi Klum, who can walk a runway 6 weeks after having their baby and I even know women like that in real life. My good friend had her flat stomach back 6 weeks after and when we met up I was still all puffy and chubby (we had our babies around the same time) and she talked about this weight and that weight that she still had to lose, and her stomach went right back to normal and she didnt’ get stretch marks at all! Bugger. I don’t know. I’m just totally mourning this and I want to know if anyone else has felt like this and if it’s normal? I don’t have anyone I can ask about this because I don’t know any moms my age, and the few that I have met just really…are very immature and into partying and not really into raising their children.So can any other moms help me through this?
A: I’m a plus-size girl and pregnant. I, too, have body issues. Heidi Klum is what I call a FREAK OF NATURE. A woman whose belly is made of elastic is not something that’s common. I understand that you feel like your mate is analyzing every stretch mark, fold, crease, etc…but remember that he loves you. Believe me when I tell you this. Men want their women to feel like “sex kittens” and have no fear of their bodies. I’m quite sure your hubs is noticing that you just aren’t happy with your current body. You are overwhelmed with your low self-esteem + the hormones aren’t helping either. I sometimes feel like I’m not getting “enough” satisfaction but sometimes guys feel a strong bond with the baby and don’t want to “taint” their baby.I always try the sexy camis or the teddy’s the hang loosely. You could also invest in a nice “loose-fitting” corset so that you can cover up the problem areas without suffocating the baby. There’s many tricks to hide imperfections. A candle-lit room flatters a body more also.
When does the new “Project Runway” start?
Q: At what day of the week and time will it be on? I’ve only caught a few of the past episodes but I really liked what I saw. Will Heidi Klum still be hosting? I just love her! I know she’s either pregnant again or she just had another baby so I wasn’t sure if she was still the host. Also, how many seasons have there been? Sorry for so many questions! I’d google the show myself and look but my search engine isn’t working. THANKS!
A: well actually the season premier of project runway is is tonight (tonight being the 20th august )at 10/ 9c on lifetime whihc is channel 27 for comcast and i think verizon but nore sure for verizon and yes heidi klum is still hosting it , she was pregnant and had a child so now she;s back and looks beautiful as usal and this will be seson 6 for project runway (oh it doesnt cum on bravo anymore )
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