Is it bad to do sit-ups if your pregnant

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Sit-ups are generally not recommended during pregnancy. This is because the movements involved may traumatize the uterus or MORE? [ Source: ]
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Is doing sit-ups bad for a 23 week pregnant women?
Oi vey. Really? Ok, the nature of being pregnant dictates that you will get bigger as time goes on. Chances are you’re going to get bigger than you are now. If you want indoor ways to excercise, go to someplace like the YMCA that have in…
Why is it bad to sit or lie with your feet up when you’re pregnan…?
its actually not, who told you that? They say not to cross your legs – as some think that the umbilical cord will knot or get tangled. Also it is really really bad, to lye on your stomach and going to sleep – the reason for this is because…

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Is it really that unsafe to do situps at 4 months pregnant?
Q: I know you shouldnt stay on your back too much after the first trimester but sometimes I fall asleep on my back nearly all night…Im wondering if sit ups are that bad to do just because you’re on your back?
A: It’s really not good to put pressure like that on your baby. It could cause complications that could lead to miscarriage.
Do you get an “achy” feeling when your a few weeks pregnant??
Q: As I mentioned in an early question… I may be a few weeks pregnant.. I will be taking a preg. a few weeks (waiting to see if I miss a period). I get what feels like an “achy” feeling in my stomach… sort of like if I did sit ups…, but the pain is not as bad… the best way to explain it.. is achy… i also feel a little pressure in my lower abdomen. Is achy a another pregnancy sign?? And for all the smartalecks… this will be my first pregnancy .. so please bare with me… Thanks !!
A: Could be several things, if you are pregnant. Sometimes you feel some cramping/twinges from implantation. I got achy as my uterus started growing and pushing other organs out of the way to make room for the baby. All very normal. Hope the test turns out the way you want it to!
Sciatic Nerve Pain During Sit-Ups?
Q: Hi everyone, I’m not sure if this IS sciatic pain or not however, sometimes at gym class when I’m laying on the wooden floor (also on a very THIN mat) I cannot get up or do sit-ups because of a sharp shooting pain that starts from the lower back on left side around where your two back ‘dimples’ are but inside. The pain sometimes is so bad, I have to wince in pain and try to haul myself up very fast but not without the pain shooting down the leg almost in a burning pain. Also was doing sit-ups today and again when I was laying down ready to start doing sit ups again, I could not because of a similar sharp pain that shot down my leg. I had to try to roll on my side and get up and stretch out. It almost felt like a bone needed to pop (like fingers do) but none did.Has anyone experienced this during working out? I’m not pregnant and am in good shape but have a slight herniated disc in lower back. Thanks!**I acquired the herniated disc from being thrown from a horse a few years back and landed on the hard sand/dirt in a sitting position where my spine was perpendicular to the ground. :S Which muscle specifically can I feel on my back? Do you have a link of diagram?Thanks!
A: I developed a bulging disc between lumbar 4 and 5 by running too much on thejogging trail and developed sciatica down my left leg.I’ll tell you what I did. You’ll have to decide what isapplicable in your case.1) My chiropractor recommended taking daily doses of 100 mg. of Vitamin B6.It strengthens nerve insulation. I noticed an improvement in 4 to 6 weeks.2) Aleve is a good NSAID medication that is sold over the counter.The doctor can prescribe a stronger form of the drug in the name Naproxen.The doctor can also prescribe Tramadol which is a narcotic and good pain reliever.Back ice packs are a good idea also.Usually they can be placed around the waistarea for the best relief.(They connect with velcro) You can buy them at most pharmacies– example at the site below: The lunge exercise is good for sciatic conditions.An example is at the bottom of this site: I bought the Teeter inversion table. You can invert yourself partiallyor completely for spine decompression. It feels great.It costs a few hundred but I like it. This is the best bang for the buck as far as I’m concerned.
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