Is it bad to excersise when your pregnant

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No, exercise is a big plus for both you and your baby! You should check with your doctor first though, in case of complications. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad to exercise when you are pregnant.?
actually it healthy to do aerobic exercises that helps strengthening your heart. you DO NOT want to do any anaerobic exercises or resistance exercises that may push you body to the limits and can do harm to the fetus. As a cardiologist I re…
What types of exercise is bad for a pregnant woman
During pregnancies you should be able to maintain the exercise routine you were doing prior to pregnancy, it is not advised MORE
Is exercise bad when you’re pregnant?
For most pregnancies, vigorous exercise is not good, but exercise is ok. You should check with your Dr. to see which exercises are ok for you to do during your pregnancy.

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Really Seriouse! need some help figuring this out….?
Q: 1. I have never had sex before in my life, i’m only 13!! 2. I’ve missed my period already 2 months now, and if I don’t get it by the next week I’m going to start to go ballistic. 3. I’ve only gained 2 pounds in who know weeks, and i only was 98.6 now(i checked this afternoon). 4. I have a small appetite so there is no way possible i could get “huge”, except for this small problem where my stomach and below area has slightly grown into one small hill shape that wont go away, even if i excersise like crazy. 5. My symptoms is light headed at time, sometimes slight nauesua-the type where you can feel it tingling in your throat and it makes you feel like it, not actually going to like feeling. I’m always getting bad headaches, they’ve actually softened a little in the past week tho. My stomach area hurts when touched, like pressure hurt not just a soft touch. Lastly I’ve been have’ting to urine alot and i barely drink too much water, i mean, i still drink water and liquids, but not enough to have to go every hour or so. 6. I’d love to go visit a doctor, but like i just said, I’m 13, no car, not driver’s licens, just 13. 7. I’d tell my parents—mom—all this, but I don’t believe it’s the perfect timing since’ I’m still waiting for my period, and i’m hoping by all means that I do get it by tommorrow or at least next week. I really need to know what’s going on, I really don’t think i’m pregnant since’ I havn’t had sex and I havn’t a sperm to ever reach that posistion, unless there is a such thing as a virgin pregnacy, but once again i don’t think that could be the answer (or so i hope not). Could there be something wrong with, whatever’s there? does anyone have any knowing of what’s going on with me, i’m really scared, doing my best not to show it around family and friends, and all i really need is some answers—PLEASE—
A: It takes about 3 years for your period to regulate. Don’t stress out over not getting it yet. You may not get it again for awhile and it’s perfectly normal.
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