Is it bad to get mad while you are pregnant

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No not at all.Hormones are a major cause of anger and all sorts of emotions.Discuss any concerns with your partner or doctor. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad to get mad while you are pregnant
No not at all.Hormones are a major cause of anger and all sorts of emotions.Discuss any concerns with your partner or doctor.

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30 weeks pregnant. boyfriend is stressing me out really bad! he thinks im LAZY!?
Q: i have stomach muscle separation and i am not suppose to lift anything. im always trying to lift things because im scared to ask him for help. he always says “your just being lazy i worked all day you didn’t do anything” and gets pissed off. but things need to be cleaned and i am nesting really bad. our bedroom is up stairs and the laundry room is down stairs in our house and i cant carry the laundry, he NEVER will help me carry it either! even small things like fast food bags in my car when im trying to carry 100 other things. we have been together for over 3 years and i love him more then anyone but he is driving me insane. anyone else had to deal with this kind of thing while pregnant?his family is pretty much all guys and his mother is not close with him so he is kind of bad with dealing with women especially pregnant woman. he pretty much just thinks im getting a fat belly and getting lazy for no reason he has no clue that im exhausted all the time and have MAD hormones going on. he has got 2 brothers and a VERY manly dad. they are all the type of guys who are super into sports and not really into girls at all. his dad married his mom when he was 19 and after they divorced he has never had a real girlfriend, or even looked for one. his brothers are the same way. he is the oldest of the three of themwhat can i do to make him see that im not being lazy and im not trying to be a bitch, that i NEED him to help me? has anyone else had to deal with a jerk boyfriendhusband while pregnant and tired? what did you do?
A: You better put him in his place tell him if he don’t start helping u out that u will leave him. You are carrying his baby and if hes not making sure that you don’t lift heavy stuff and don’t help u out hes being a totally asshole my husband helped me out when he didn’t i told him i will leave him think i am kidding test me. because with are 3rd baby i was in the hospital a lot and he was there by my side tho. All i have to say to u is if u let this go u are going to be in a lot of trouble u need to be the women and tell him u either help or ur leaving. U need to put ur foot down u need to becareful u don’t want to have that baby early because it will have problems u need to rest make him help u and if u have clothes push the basket with the clothes in it and tell him pick it up and help me. good luck ur not lazy. Good luck PUT UR FOOT DOWN.
Weirdest Dream you can remember while pregnant?
Q: So last night I had this dream where I was pregnant (I am 16 weeks 6 days now) and I was getting ready to go to my ultrasound appointment when I went into labor, I would have only been 20 weeks at this point. I wasn’t able to make it to the doctors office and I gave birth to two sets of twins right there in the kitchen- two boys, two girls. However, 1 girl was mentally challenged and the other girl was a genius and the same- 1 boy was mentally challenged and the other boy was a genius. (I don’t know how I knew they were smart, it is one of those dream things) I remember at this point crying. After that though my husband and everyone else in the world turned on me and the 4 kids and were constantly mad at us. Then I got pregnant again, only this time I was carrying only one baby. I was trying to get my husband to go with me to my appointment when his mother came down and started whispering in his ear bad things about me. He then pretty much turned into her puppet, saying really awful things and made me go by myself. I was then driving to my appointment and I tried to call my husbands cell phone and he shut it off so I started crying again. Only this time I actually woke up crying and I never did make it to either of my ultrasound appointments because I woke up during the drive to the second one. I have to say that that was the weirdest dream I have had pregnant thus far. Do any of you ladies remember some of your strange dreams? What were they?
A: I have weird dreams all the time lol. I have actually woke up crying or talking or yelling because that’s what I was doing in my dream. In one of my dreams (I was pregnant with my first at the time) I had gained so much weight and I looked so fat and nobody would believe me when I told them I was pregnant and then when I went into labor I was in the L&D ward and they were telling me to push and I kept pushing and out popped a giant ball of fat. Then the doctor told me I was never pregnant and that I was just fat. Lol, one of my biggest worries through out my whole first pregnancy was that it wasn’t really happening and that I would go in to have a baby and be told that I wasn’t really pregnant.**Danielle that’s so crazy! I’ve had those great sex dreams too lol. It’s weird because you can’t control it because you are asleep when it happens, but then you wake up like right afterwards and your like ‘Oh my gosh did I just orgasm in my sleep?!’. It happened a couple times when my husband was right next to me in bed too and I was sooo embarassed lol.
should i be working in this industry while pregnant? Easy 10 points!!?
Q: Firstly, please do not answer with any hate comments. I am not in the condition to deal with them.My partner and I have been trying for a baby, and we have found out I am approx 3 weeks pregnant yay!!!We have also been trying to save for a house, which is why i have up until now been working as an exotic dancer. The money is generally very good and we have excellent security. The job itself has never bothered me before as long as nobody touches me (which they are not allowed to do of course). I have had a bit of time off of work, and now I am a bit unsure whether to go back or not. We are not in a very good financial position for me to stop working entirely and therefore I am looking for another job. My question is, do you think i should continue working as an exotic dancer until i start showing? I am concerned about going back as we often deal with drunk idiots and I am a bit scared something bad could happen to myself and my unborn child. Also it just feels morally wrong. My partner however will get very mad if i do not work this week. What do you think please help!
A: i understand how you are feeling. where you are making a significant amount of money im sure, im not sure how much it is worth if you are feeling bad about it since you have a child in your womb. unless you plan on going back to dancing after you have the child i suggest you start looking into another profession. and as for your partner, its your body, your job and he just needs to deal with and accept whatever you want to do. good luck 🙂
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