Is it bad to have a fever when you’re pregnant

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Early in pregnancy, a low fever is probably not a problem, but a high fever (over 103 degrees F) can be lethal for the baby. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad to have a fever when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Early in pregnancy, a low fever is probably not a problem, but a high fever (over 103 degrees F) can be lethal for the baby.

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Help, I feel like my doctor misdiagnosed me b/c he’s tired of all the swine flu patients?
Q: I’m 16 weeks pregnant and went to my doctors on Tues. b/c I felt sick–I had a bit of a sore throat and a lot of pressure and achyness around my face. I didn’t have any nasal problems. I thought I had the begining stages of a sinus infection.He came in and w/in 5 min. said I had strep throat.I had no fever and I have been checking since I’m pregnant and the flu is hitting.My throat wasn’t that bad–it felt like an allergy sore throat–nothing too painfulAlso, I had my tonsils taken out when I was little, so I can’t tell you the last time I had strep–I mean, I never get it now that my tonsils are gone.My doctor didn’t even take a strep culture, which I know you can do the rapid ones in the office and wait 20 mins for the results. He didn’t even ask questions that would ween out a sinus infection.He just said “yeah you have strep and here is some low dose amoxicillan since you’re pregnant”.I left feeling very unsure. I’m a hypocondriac, so I read up on a lot of medical information and this is a new doctor I’m seeing…everyone swears he’s one of the best in my area, but I felt like he was tired of the mass quantity of patients coming in thinking they have the flu.Well I have been taking the medicine for two days and my throat is fine, but it wasn’t that sore to begin with. I didn’t even see white or yellow spots on the back of my throat. But even though I have been taking my medicine, my head and the pressure around it has still be present. Just like if I had a sinus infection. And this morning I woke up w/green mucus when I blew my nose.I don’t know what to do b/c I don’t want to call and say “I know you went to school for 6-8 years, but you’re wrong”. But I’m pregnant and I need to get better for my baby and my immune system AND I can’t afford to take anymore days off work since I get a limited amount of sick time and it’s only October.What do I do?I read that amoxicillan can treat sinus infections but doctors usually use a strong antibiotic such as zithromax or bactrium.Does anyone know anything about my situation??I also read that fevers are common w/strep and I haven’t had a fever at all…I was floored when he said I had strep…I really feel that I had the beginning of a sinus infection.Ugh..
A: Take the rest of your medicine, and if you don’t feel better then go back. You worrying so much is probably worse for your baby than having strep or the flu. Stress goes a long way, so just relax, take a day off of work, listen to some music your baby would like, I think classical? and just relax for you and your baby.
Question…help please?
Q: Ok, my fiance and I are getting married in August, and we’ve been together for 2 years. I’m 25, he’s 27, and we’ve been living together since last September…anyway…I’ve had a few friends that were pregnant, and coworkers, etc…and you know when girls get that baby fever! Well I’ve had it for a while…it’s like I want a baby so bad!! And we’re both good financially…we love doing the same things and get along really good! Anyway, thing is I want a baby after we get married…I want 2 by the time I’m 30…maybe, we’ll see how the first goes before I say that for real! But I have a few people who are like, you need to wait, you’re still young, enjoy marriage first…but we’ve been together for long enough and lived together for long enough that we should be good…any advice?? I feel we’re both ready mentally, emotionally, financially, for a baby!
A: What they said can be true. Get married and wait. Have fun while you’re married. Once you have that child, everything changes. I’d say wait a little and have fun with your husband while you can, then have a child. 🙂
What is the problem with healthcare?
Q: For the longest time in my life no one cared, Obama is a socialist, but besides the fact, seriously what is the problem, to see if there is one I will list the top 10 causes of death by the CDC and see if medical treatment is necessary. In all cases of Emergency by law the Hospitals MUST take you, even they take illegal immigrants. No one gets denied to the ER, so any ways here are the top 10 killers in America according to the CDC.URL- * Heart disease: 631,636 * Cancer: 559,888 * Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 137,119 * Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,583 * Accidents (unintentional injuries): 121,599 * Diabetes: 72,449 * Alzheimer’s disease: 72,432 * Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,326 * Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 45,344 * Septicemia: 34,2341. Heart Disease – is my favorite since the causes are related to poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. You don’t need health care to treat your self unless you need a prescription to exercise.2. Cancer has a problem since that is a vague term, what kind of cancer, really if it’s anything related to smoking, being over weight, are caused by the individual. The other problem is modern medicine today doesn’t even have a true cure. Does it really matter how many times you want to go through Chemotherapy till you die? You got leukemia which is cancer of the blood, That’s the only one I can picture needing to go to the hospital for, considering you need to get your blood checked, unfortunately that group is such a minority in the big spectrum of cancer it’s not an issue. Not to mention cancer it’s self can be spotted by annual check ups, a doctor visit doesn’t cost much, you’re acting like you are going through an MRI per visit. 3. Stroke – is the same concept as a heart attack, just a stroke is the lack of blood flow to the brain. So the same concept of proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management occurs. No need for a doctor.4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease – 80% of it is caused by smoking or second hand smoke. Someone tell me if you need health insurance to prevent stupidity. The cure is oxygen replacement and to stop smoking. Please tell me how expensive that is. What happens is if you can’t use your lungs efficiently you become dependent on using an oxygen tank. I can’t think of how expensive it truly must be to refill an oxygen tank. Man this is hilarious on how “Expensive it is” 5. Accidents – Do you really need health insurance for this?6. Diabetes – again is vague, there are 3 types of diabetes, Type 1 will always be insulin dependent, type 2 is insulin dependent due to having a poor diet and ruining their blood sugar by bad choices, and type 3 is caused when a female is pregnant, which more so goes away. Type 2 Diabetics is the biggest in this catagory, again why am I repeating myself, it’s the individuals fault, except for type 1, since type 1 are genetically that way. Type 2 isn’t genetic, Type 1 can see a doctor for free for all I care it’s such a small number compared to the type 2. Type 2 is done by poor choices of diet and lack of exercise. I repeat myself alot.7. Alzheimer’s disease – There is no cure, what good is it if you have health insurance any ways? So you can be pumped full of drugs and be slowly dying in a painless way. There is no cure like cancer, no true cure. There are little treatments that still don’t change the out come. It doesn’t matter regardless.8. Influenza and Pneumonia – If you read up on this, it suggests to get vaccinated for this. Again with the prevention factor individuals won’t consider. The main treatment for influenza is to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid exertion. Fever and aches are sometimes treated with acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, such as aspirin or ibuprofen).Does that even sound expensive to drink fluids and rest then swallow an over the counter drug like aspirin?9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis – Finally one that really requires hospital treatment, this is the failure of the kidney, of course you need a hospital for this. This one will hurt if you don’t have health insurance, I can finally agree that the individual uninsured here is screwed.10. Septicemia (also septicæmia [sep⋅ti⋅cæ⋅mi⋅a][3], or erroneously Septasemia and Septisema) is a related but deprecated (formerly sanctioned medical) term referring to the presence of pathogenic organisms in the blood-stream, leading to sepsis.[4] The term has not been sharply defined. It has been inconsistently used in the past by medical professionals, for example as a synonym of bacteremia. In the lame terms, due to unsanitary conditions or place of alot of bacteria can this be consumed. The therapy of sepsis rests on antibiotics, surgical drainage of infected fluid collections, fluid replacement and appropriate support for organ dysfunction. AntiUninsured doctor visits cost on average.Family practice: $95 to $265Specialist: $115 to $325 Antibiotics cost on average $65 to 125 dollars a week.Wow alot of my information got sliced off.Chester why do you need health insurance for preventive care when it suggests you eat right, exercise, and manage your stress? How the hell do you not comprehend that, does a doctor need to write you a prescription to run 2 miles?PARKERD: What kind of person sits there dying of things they lacked to manage. You realize the top 10 killers of America are manageable, You’re taking away the individual responsibility of people and assuming it’s not their fault. We can be a fascist country and mandate everyone eats a certain way, exercises a certain way, but then it would conflict with our freedom. People are freely choosing to kill them selves with the poor choices they make. It’s not lack of insurance, it’s lack of self respect.eelfins: I am advocating for prevention because the causes of these diseases could be prevented, cancer has many preventions, most people that have cancer don’t get it randomly like they’re struck by lightning. So why do you need to treat someone with health insurance like the number 1 killer, which can be prevented by proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Is Yahoo Answers holding an idiot marathon? You don’t need hospital treatment for illnesses that can be prevented. Same reason why I don’t need someone to tell me to cross the street, when I can prevent getting hit by looking both ways. Cross the road to enlightenment please, you’re blaming lack of insurance on the individuals lack of prevention. If these illnesses where caused by random lucky I’d say otherwise.YA! the anti-conservative site: Can I rip your pants off and shove your genitalia in my face, since you’re the one decent enough to make a standard statement. Of course Medicare and Mediciaid ruined the private sector of health care. You can’t have the government give free health care options and expect a private insurance company to compete fairly. It forms a monopoly and drives away the private competition since the government can’t lose since it has unlimited funds with taxpayers, only way the government can lose is if it goes bankrupt. Oh wait we are 11 trillion dollars in debt. I hope to god someone wakes up and stops advocating for more liabilities for this nation.Alan S: those 45,000 people that die yearly and don’t have health insurance you so claim. How do you know their cause of death is directly related to cause of death. How do you know what they died from? If someone gets hit by a car and dies and doesn’t have health insurance they would be a part of your statistic. But really it wouldn’t be relevant. I would need to know the causes of death. I listed the top 10 causes of death in America by the federal site. If you notice most of them can be prevented if people took care of them self. Maybe I’ll rip my ears off and attach them to your skull so hopefully you can hear what I am saying. I am disgusted by how you allow people to be uneducated and voluntarily kill them self and advocate for health care being cheaper. Why not advocate people to make healthier life style choices. Make them a non-heart attack statistic, what good is health care when you make poor choices and die from a heart attack. Preventative measures are the top priority.
A: The problem is that alot of people either do not pay, or are on government sponsored medicare or Medicaid. This has led to a loss in ability for hospitals to pay for better staff, better equipment, top rated doctors. Many hospitals are going bankrupt due to high numbers of illegals, and low reimbursement for Medicaid or Medicare.
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