Is it easier to get pregnant a week before your period or a week after

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Usually ovulation occurs between 12-16 days before the next menstrual period. It varies though and can occur earlier or later. [ Source: ]
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How is it easier to get pregnant faster a week after getting your…?
This is because the uterus has already shed it’s lining after so the sperm will not be wasted. Thanks!
Is it easier for a woman to get pregnant the week before or the w…?
Ovulation occurs two weeks before the first day of her period (exactly 14 days). If you have a normal 28 day cycle (from the first day of your period untll the first day of your next period) ovulation occurs on cycle day #14. YOu can ONLY b…

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Is it easy to get pregnant one week before your period?
Q: If you have unprotected sex a week or a few days before your period is there a high or low chance of getting pregnant?Also if you got pregnant would you miss that period or the month after?we were using the pull-out method as we’re NOT trying to conceive
A: No, this shouldn’t be possible. There are approximately two weeks (depending on your cycle) between ovulation and a woman’s period. By one week before your period the egg has already disintegrated. The egg only lives 2-4 days after ovulation. Your body won’t produce another egg ready to be fertilized for about two weeks after your next period. But, you could still get pregnant if having unprotected sex a few days before ovulation as well as the sperm can live in your body for about three days.If you are pregnant, you do miss the very next period. Ovulation occurs at about the middle of your cycle (approximately two weeks after one period and two weeks before the next). So, once ovulation occurs and the egg is fertilized, you can calculate approximately one week later it will implant in the uterus. Periods are the uterus shedding the blood-rich lining that it has prepared for an embryo to implant. If there’s no embryo, it cleans house and builds up the lining for the next cycle.Try this ovulation calculator to give you a more personalized answer to your question:
A little confused..?
Q: Recently my boyfriend and I had unprotected, which was foolish. It was just about 3, 4, or 5 days after my period, is this the time which i can most likely get pregnant, of is that before ovulation. My period had ended, but I heard the easiest ime to get pregnant is after your period has ended, or is it during the period of ovulation. The ovulation period starts about 2 weeks after your last period right?Also, a few hours after we had sex I wne to the bathroom to go pee and when I did what looked like clear stuff and blood came out?
A: forget about it!! you are having a baby and most likely messed up your life! better talk to your parents
First period after breastfeeding, how long did it take to get pregnant?
Q: I currently have a 9 month old son. I am breastfeeding, but not completely exclusive since he seems to be already weaning himself 🙁 Anyway, husband & I are wanting to try for baby #2 within the next couple months. We had not been actively ttc before that, but not exacty doing anything to prevent it either since Nov., but I had yet to get my period back. I am assuming I am one of those women who was not ovulating while nursing or we just never timed it right. So, finally got my period last month on the 23rd. Was supposed to be ovulating first week of the month so we actively tried this time. I am supposed to start on the 20th & so far, no period yet. (fingers crossed) It was so easy with our first & I am really trying not to obsess or get my hopes up. But have all the signs that could be either pregnancy or PMS….I guess where I am going with all of this, is wondering how long it took other women who were breastfeeding to get pregnant after their first period came back. Was your cycle pretty well normal after the first or did it take a few months? Did you get a positive hpt with your second than your first? It took me a week past the day my period was supposed to come to get a pos. with the 1st. Really trying not to put too much thought into it all, but finding it quite difficult!Thanks!
A: I nursed for 12 months exclusively (except for juice) and begun just nursing 4 times a day for under 10 mins each nursing session and that caused my cycles to return back to regular ovulation. I got pg again when my 1st was 14 months. I also begun taking Chasteberry (helps with ovulation) 6 months prior to my 2nd pregnancy.My ob/gyn told me that by lowering the amount of times I nursed and the durations to under 15 mins that it would drop my prolactin levels enough to allow ovulation to occur but by still nursing under 5 times a day, it would allow me to still produce milk.Once you get your first post birth period, it should kick start your other hormones–estrogen, fsh and lh so that you build a new lining and mature an egg. So you most likely did ovulate this month and should start ovulating regularly now.
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