Is it good to work out while your pregnant

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Yes. Although exercise during pregnancy is generally good for mother and baby, you’ll need to proceed with caution and ask Dr. [ Source: ]
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Is it good not to work while being pregnant?
if you are having a healthy pregnancy then go for it.. you will get really tired of sitting around trust me(8 months no job) and also think of all those awws you will be missing if you dont work. also i think it will help you from overeatin…
What is a good work out for my legs while I am pregnant. Inner an…?
Squats Stationary lunges Walking lunges lateral steps
Is it good idea working in child care centre (day care) while you…?
its actually not are right on about the baby catching viruses its better to see if you can get govt help rather than work. I do not know where you live but here in Canada if your job poses any sort of risk eg school teacher o…

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Work issues while pregnant. Advise Please?
Q: Ok this is going to be long, so I’m apologizing in advance.I’m eight months into my pregnancy and I work in a pet store (thrilling I know lol) there are only a few things my doctor told me I could no longer do, lift anything over 25lbs and climb ladders.Usually I’m at the cash register so it’s not usually an issue, however the manager and assistant were up front chit chatting and some one came in and wanted some crickets, they are now in the fish section instead of being up front so I go to the back, and just as I’m bagging the crickets, they’ve sent me a customer to do a water test for, I see she’s looking at fish in the top tanks (we have what they call a waterfall system it’s like a 3 teir tank set up) So after I tested her water and it was good I grabbed the cup and net and told her I will get you all your fish except for the one’s in the top tank because I’m pregnant and can’t go on ladders, but don’t worry, I can get somebody to catch the fish out of the top tanks for you. So as I finish getting the fish from the lower tanks, the manager comes back to get crickets, so I ask her if I can switch with her so that the customer could have two fish out of this tank here, she gave me a nasty look and in front of the customer and said if you can’t climb the fish ladder then you need to go on leave early she cought the fish and I walked away in tears while I was helping another custome, she said when you are threw with them you need to come find me, so I did and just because she’s been pregnant she knows it all, and actually had the nerve to say if I could climb the stairs to my apartment then I could climb the fish ladder, however if I fall on my apartment stairs they corpret store I work in is not liable for anything, If I fall off of a ladder they are, plus I’m only supposed to be a cashiere at the moment, I don’t know what I should do I’ve submitted a note, and I can’t afford to quit, suggestions???I did submit a note previously and today I called my obgyn, they laughed when I explained that she had actually told me to take a picture of the ladder to them because it was a “safe ladder” and they said to me does it have ladder in the name, then stay off of it, they said but you can bring us a picture of it at your next visit on thursday, I just don’t know if I should bring the store into an up roar by calling human resources.
A: I’m not sure where about you are but in the UK this is illegal!You can most definitely make a claim against her – pregnant women do not climb ladders as they are unstable and a fall could cause miscarriage, or still birth.Did you go to the doctors to get checked out? Best safe :)Anyway, no she doesn’t know everything about being pregnant because every woman is different and have different needs and she cannot bully you into going onto maternity leave.You need to emphasise the point you are perfectly capable of doing your job, but she’s expecting too much from you and she is breaking the law.It’s classed as pregnancy discrimination, and this includes anything from failure to carry out a risk assessment (The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require an employer to carry out a risk assessment in the workplace, including assessing the particular risks for pregnant women. This risk assessment is carried out in two stages.The first stage is an assessment of the general risks to pregnant women in the work place.The second stage, to be carried out in the event of an employee becoming pregnant, is an assessment of the specific risks to that particular pregnant employee.An employer’s failure to carry out an adequate risk assessment in respect of a pregnant employee is a form of sex discrimination.)to pressuring resignation or early maternity leave.As well as her making insensitive remarks, you could most certainly take your boss to court if you wished to.Have a look here for some guidance, and good luck!
sleeping on your back while pregnant?
Q: I know that sleeping on your left side is best and sleeping on your right side is better than your back. I know that sleeping on your back can cause pressure on the vena cava and cause dizziness and what not……BUT what Ive been hearing lately is that it can cause brain damage to the baby. Is that true? I always go to sleep on my side but wake up on my back. I try to prop pillows underneath me but I end up with them on the floor. My body pillow doesnt work either. Im worried now and my Dr is out of town so I cant call him. Im 29 weeks. Thanks
A: I don’t think your baby will have brain damage; I never heard that one! I think it is fine that you are sleeping on your back! You at least attempt to fall asleep on your left side, which is the best for your heart, so you should be fine! If you are still concerned and are having trouble sleeping, you can probably call the local hospital and see what they have to say. Also, your doc probably has an on-call doctor or nurse practitionar that you could call to put your mind at ease! Good luck and congrats on your baby to be!!!
Eating out and travellng every week while pregnant?
Q: I am almost 3 months pregnant. I need to travell to chicago every week mon- thur for work. I stay at a hotel in Elmhurst, chicago. can anyone please suggest a good place to eat healthy? Is it ok to eat out 4 days of the week? I used to eat a lot of thai and Indian food out in restaurants earlier. Now that I am pregnant, I stopped eating frequently in restaurants. I instead eat a lot of sandwhiches and frozen dinners. I try to find ones that say “No Preservatives”. which is better? Is there any alternative? How about the ready to eat food(salads, chicken tenders, etc) available in food stores? Can anyone suggest simple recipes that can I can prepare over weekends at home and simple to pack for the 3 hr flight trip? That way I can at least eat home cooked meals 1-2 days.thanks for all your suggestions.
A: Pick a lot of fresh vegetables, and cook hormone free free range chicken at home in the oven or on the grill. Bring yogurt with active live cultures ( your digestive system will love you for it) and fresh fruits to go in your yogurt. Canned beans are a great source of nutrition and make a great wrap, or burrito bowl with other ingredients you can easily put in tupperware containers. (just make sure you rinse the canned beans first to remove any sodium) With a little ingenuity you can make easy healthy meals to go that are not processed like all of the prepackaged meals out there. I am a certified nutritionist
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