Is it harder for a woman to get pregnant if she has irregular periods

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Women with irregular periods do have a harder time trying to conceive. See a doctor if your periods have been irregular for awhile [ Source: ]
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Is It Harder For A Woman To Get Pregnant If She Have Irregular Pe…?
Yes, dear in 90% cases its really hard for a women to get pregnant because when you have irregular periods, its mean you are not ovulating properly, so your egg would not be fertilize properly and when egg is not fertilize women cannot get …

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Is it hard for woman to get pregnant if she has an irregular period?
Q: need to know soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!
A: In a way yes, if your period is irregular you will have a hard time knowing when the best days are when you should be ovulating….it doesn’t mean your less fertile just harder to hit that right day if you don’t know when your period is going to happen. Best bet is have sex every day or every second day all month your guaranteed to hit it one of those days and conceive. Or you can spend some money and get a ovulation kit which can help show you if your ready or not.
Birth Control/Pregnant Question ….?
Q: I am 31 years old. I have had irregular periods for some time. I am currently on birth control….Is it hard for a woman to get pregnant after she stops the use of birth control? And also: If a woman has irregular cycles…what are some methods doctors are using to help with ovulation?Thank you for any information.
A: If you have irregular periods, the reason may be that your hormones aren’t as they should be. In that case, your best bet for getting pregnant may be right after stopping the birth control pills. If you have hormonal issues, the birth control pills help to regulate them, and you might be able to get pregnant right away.When you stop taking the birth control pills, I would recommend using ovulation predictor kit strips and chart your basal body temperature to see if you are actually ovulating. Many women with irregular periods don’t ovulate. If you don’t ovulate, you need to talk to your doctor and determine why you’re not ovulating. You can’t get pregnant if you don’t ovulate, and not ovulating can indicate that there is something going on that needs to be addressed, not only for your reproductive health, but for your overall health. I have polycystic ovary syndrome, and I don’t ovulate without clomid. I struggled with the syndrome for years before they finally figured out what was going on. Take your health seriously, and be sure that your doctor does, too.Good luck!
HELp!? could i be pregnant and bleeding??! major points.?
Q: ok, so ive heard, some women get vaginal bleeding that looks and acts just like a period. while pregnant, and im so confused, is it hereditary or does it happen when your irregular? is it normal? or very rare? so heres my problemmy previous period before this one was on 11/11, it last 5 days, at this point i was 1 week off the pill, i had been on it for 4 1/2 months. I had unprotected pull out sex for 60 minutes on 11/21, i dont know if there was precum, he was nervous and couldnt stay hard very long. he never went in me. on 11/26 i had unprotected sex again, for 1 minute or two again, literally a minute or two, he didnt go in me, i know for sure he never did both times. before the sexond time we had sex, he had previously had 3 orgasms, not by sex. well the first time we had sex i went home and took 2 birthcontrol pills 12 hrs later. the second time i immediately went home and took 4 pills. i know…stupid. well in dec. i got my period on 12/7 and the first two days it was light then it was normal/moderate. nice and red (tmi) not heavy. the first two days i had bad cramps. my question is…can i be pregnant…i got my period this month on the second and it ended today, it was very normal, bloody and clotty. today in the afternoon i took a first response brand ept. it came out negative after a minute and after 3 minutes i saw nooo faint line at all, it was a BFP at 4 it possible im pregnant? im worried about the light/moderate bleeding since i just got off BC and took some later. but…im so scared i could be pregnant since you hear all these stories about pregnant women having normal painful bloody periods….and what about the sex….could i be pregnant, or just freaking out? and my mom says that bleeding while pregnant hasnt happened in her family from what she knows. also like an idiot i trusted the same guy and we had sex again on december 26th. it was dark in his room and he said he was using a condom. well he lied and two hours later i took plan b. and then i got my period on time this month on the second and today is my last day. im so confused could my period be normal now since i took plan b? or did it just make it heavier. and wouldnt first response tell me im pregnant by now if i was….its been 5 weeks since i had unprotected sex. almost 6. wouldnt the ept show by now? I asked my school instructor about it, since im going to school to be an M.A. my instructor said, bleeding while pregnant, isnt very common, and most women who do usually have a gynecological issue. I have no health issues. my uterus is normal. she also said i was pregnant. i would have killed whatever was alive, with the 2 BC, followed by the 4 BC 5 days later, followed by plan B a month later. i dont really believe her. so can i be pregnant?the first response ept was negative, and it has been almost six weeks since the sex. idk what to trustwell i just got a this month on the second and yesterday it ended. like i said in my story. it was normal. bloody and clotty, i filled up overnight pads. even though i only needed 2 or 3 a day. but idk if its normal or do to the plan bwell idk if it was my period or vaginal bleeding jeez!! it sure looked and felt like one, but from my understanding theyre the samei couldnt get in to see a doctor until feb.13th thats why i bought the first response eptso yes or no do you think im pregnant or not? all my friends say im not. i dont care though, im just nervous from all the things ive read
A: No.
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