Is it least likely to get pregnate on your period

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Though possible, it is highly unlikely that you will get pregnant during your monthly menstrual cycle. During your period..More? [ Source: ]
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Are you least likely to get pregnant after your period??
Woman cannot get pregnant anytime during their cycle! It sounds like you are actively sexual, so you may want to study this subject matter. You really should have the facts. I am certain you want to protect yourself and your partner so you …
Is right after your period the least likely time to get pregnant??
Have a look at the related link below (the menstrual cycle) this will explain the timing that is normally involved in your menstrual cycle. You must remember however that the rhythm method is notoriously unreliable.
How many days before the period is a girl least likely to get pre…?
You can get pregnant AT ANY TIME before or after your period. Until your body flushes out the old unfertilized egg, it is receptive to just one determined sperm. There is a certain amount of male secretion during sex that contains more than…
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