Is it normal to be emotional when you are pregnant

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Yes. It’s normal to be emotional when pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Is It Normal To Be So Emotional When Pregnant?
Absolutely, when pregnant your body becomes a crazy mixing pot of hormones. You will see the hormones meant for your baby are going to effect you, and hormones meant for you will effect your baby. Sometimes babies are born lactating, even i…
Is it normal to be very emotional during early pregnancy??
yes!completely normal…everyone has there moments and everyone should understand!here is some info on whats going on with the crazy emotions.Why have I been so moody lately? It’s common to have mood swings during pregnancy, because of hor…
Are my pregnancy emotions normal?
Normal I’m also pregnant with my second baby and have a two year old. It can be very stressful, especially so early on in pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son David I was really-really stressed and overly emotional. The responsibility…

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Is it normal to get emotional when you hear a song that reminds of… and your 15 year old gf is pregnant?
Q: okay me and my girlfriend are both 15 going on 16 in a few months and shes pregnant and today was the first time she went to doc. and her mom jus found out yesterday and shes not okay with it but like she wants me to be there for my gf and i am going to stand by her 100% but i still have too tell my parents any help?? but yea im very outdoorsy… lik i love to hunt and fish… but theres a song called mossy oak song and its about the like 3 generations passing on hunting and fishing…. and all i could do all day is play that song over and over and over… and i picked up my gf a couple hours ago so we could talk about our future and i parked in this parking spot and we talked for a while and then i turned on this song and i told her to listen to the words and i started ballin jus because i cant believe ima be a father soon and ima have to pass down what i learned to my children…. is this normal??? i really want too be the best dad i can…. any sugestions???
A: yes that is normal, you are really young to be a father but atleast you are stepping up to the responsibility, just be there for your gf bc its goin to be really hard for her to take care of a child, continue school, and work, good luck and i hope everything works out
dont you hate when ppl assume your emotional cause ur pregnant?
Q: I really hate it when I react to things just like a non pregnant person would or any other normal person, and people say “Oh it’s just your hormones cause your pregnant” or “Calm down your just being over emotional”. It gets on my nerves, does anyone else agree/does this happen to you too?
A: Yes and my mother is the worst at it. I had left one of my dogs in here care while I moved to Georgia and got settled in. Since she would be watching one I let her shoose which one of my little ones she wanted to watch. She chose my favorite. Not too mention he has a broken leg and and has some stomach problems. Anyhow she had her new bf call me the other day and tell me that my dog got lost and they couldn’t find him. I was like WTF? how did this happen. They said they brought him on a horse back ride with no leash and let him run. Then he says just kidding. I was furious. You don;t play jokes like that. And then other day he said my stomach looked like a speed bump “as in bigger than it should be” and I don;t think I am going to talk to her new b/f ever again.
Can you cry about stupid stuff when your pregnant? Is it normal?? PLEASE HELP.?
Q: I am not pregnant but I’d like to be soon and my hubby thought I should know what my parents think. My mom said, “It’s about effing time, your getting old and soon you won’t be able too” My dad, got mad at my mom and said I should wait and they had a beetle battle that I could hear in the background (I called them, since they live about 3000 miles away) Then my dad stopped talking to me the usual way and now is very abrupt when speaking and before we spoke for hours on the phone. I got sad and cried for a good while after a week of my dad acting this way, and my husband said that I am immature for crying and that I shouldn’t be worried my dad doesn’t want a kid and that it was very immature and no women is going to cry for stupid stuff and that I shouldn’t get pregnant if I am going to be this emotional :’-( So is this true? Do you pregnant women not cry at this? Am I being immature? I’m so upset and frustrated, I have no friends (guys or girls) to talk to and my hubby is really mad at me for crying. So I really would like someone to help, and the worst part is I can’t stop crying about the whole thing. I’m 27 been married for 5 years and have a house
A: Your husband may be frustrated by your dad too, and doesn’t know the right thing to say. After my miscarriage we had told my mother in law, and all she said was ‘You guys shouldn’t have a child now anyways. Be married for at least 5 years first so you know you two can handle it” It made me so freaking angry, I still do not talk to her. I cried for weeks at what a cow she was, and my husband did not help at all. He was upset about it too, but its his mom and wouldn’t bad mouth her. Your husband may be thinking the reason your dad is grumpy is because your dad does not like him. Everyone deals with frustration and anger in different ways and scared to admit it. You’ve been married for 5 years, is this how he normally acts in hard situations?Your dad may have his reasoning’s too on why he’s upset. Maybe realizing he is getting old, or you are his little girl and cant believe your old enough to have kids of your own. Everytime someone joked about my dad becoming a grandpa, he’d say not for a long time or he’s too young. I thought he really didn’t want to become one, but now that I am having a healthy pregnancy he is happier bout his future granddaughter more than the baby hungry women in my family! Your dad loves you!
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