Is it normal to bleed while your 6 months pregnant

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That is not normal. The woman should be seen by her physician immediately. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to bleed while your 6 or 7 months pregnant??
No it’s not common and no it’s not normal. The most life-threatening bleeding occurs later in pregnancy, usually after twenty-four weeks (6 months) and then immediately following delivery. Placentia previa and placental abruption are two co…

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Is it normal to bleed while your 6 or 7 months pregnant?
Q: ok so I know someone who recently called while there 6 or 7 months pregnant and said they had vaginal bleeding can someone tell me if this happens to other women or if its normal or not normal and if it is normal how long should it last for. My last question is what possible medical condition could it be
A: No it’s not common and no it’s not normal. The most life-threatening bleeding occurs later in pregnancy, usually after twenty-four weeks (6 months) and then immediately following delivery. Placentia previa and placental abruption are two common disorders that can cause a mother to hemorrhage during her pregnancy. Both disorders pertain to the placenta.Placenta previa (also known as low lying placenta) is a complication of pregnancy, when the placenta is in the lower segment of the uterus and covers part or all of the cervix. A C-section is required for birth of the baby!!!But with placenta abruptio, the placenta breaks away, or abrupts, from the wall of the uterus too early, before the baby is born. This problem can cause: Premature birth. Low birth weight. Major blood loss in the mother.Get this person to her dr. immediatley…
IS this Normal!!!?? please help me, major points. am i bleeding and pregnant!?
Q: ok, so ive heard, some women get their periods while pregnant, and im so confused, is it hereditary or does it happen when your irregular? is it normal? or very rare? so heres my problemmy previous period before this one was on 11/11, it last 5 days, at this point i was 1 week off the pill, i had been on it for 4 1/2 months. I had unprotected pull out sex for 60 minutes on 11/21, i dont know if there was precum, he was nervous and couldnt stay hard very long. he never went in me. on 11/26 i had unprotected sex again, for 1 minute or two again, literally a minute or two, he didnt go in me, i know for sure he never did both times. before the sexond time we had sex, he had previously had 3 orgasms, not by sex. well the first time we had sex i went home and took 2 birthcontrol pills 12 hrs later. the second time i immediately went home and took 4 pills. i know…stupid. well in dec. i got my period on 12/7 and the first two days it was light then it was normal/moderate. nice and red (tmi) not heavy. the first two days i had bad cramps. my question is…can i be pregnant…i got my period this month on the second and it ended today, it was very normal, bloody and clotty. today in the afternoon i took a first response brand ept. it came out negative after a minute and after 3 minutes i saw nooo faint line at all, it was a BFP at 4 it possible im pregnant? im worried about the light/moderate bleeding since i just got off BC and took some later. but…im so scared i could be pregnant since you hear all these stories about pregnant women having normal painful bloody periods….and what about the sex….could i be pregnant, or just freaking out? and my mom says that bleeding while pregnant hasnt happened in her family from what she knows. also like an idiot i trusted the same guy and we had sex again on december 26th. it was dark in his room and he said he was using a condom. well he lied and two hours later i took plan b. and then i got my period on time this month on the second and today is my last day. im so confused could my period be normal now since i took plan b? or did it just make it heavier. and wouldnt first response tell me im pregnant by now if i was….its been 5 weeks since i had unprotected sex. almost 6. wouldnt the ept show by now? I asked my school instructor about it, since im going to school to be an M.A. my instructor said, bleeding while pregnant, isnt very common, and most women who do usually have a gynecological issue. I have no health issues. my uterus is normal. she also said i was pregnant. i would have killed whatever was alive, with the 2 BC, followed by the 4 BC 5 days later, followed by plan B a month later. i dont really believe her. so can i be pregnant?the first response ept was negative, and it has been almost six weeks since the sex. idk what to trust
A: After reading your posting, I feel like it is hard to determine whether or not your pregnant. I know right now you are freaking out because you dont know what to believe, pregnancy test, counsleors, parents and all. The only real way to tell is just to make an appointment with the gyno. I dont know how old you are, but Im sure they will be able to assist you without a parent present. You could also go to any free organziations out there who can provide you with another pregnancy test, since its been a good month and half since you had unprotected sex. Im not sure with the whole birth control, with taking that many would prevent pregnancy even after you had unprotected sex. Sounds to me since your sooo stressed over the situation that could be the reason why your periods are out of whack. Your right its rare to have a normal “bleeding” when pregnant. However, it happens and it is hereitary. Its not called a period though since your uterus isnt sheeding its lining. You could also get a blood pregnancy test from your local hospital and they should have the results back within hours. That is the only real way to tell if your pregnant besides an ultrasound since its been 6 weeks or so since sex, the pregnancy should show up on through an ultrasound. Just remeber to stay calm. Sounds to me like its an unwanted pregnancy if you are, but remember that stress has a major role in delaying menstration. Good Luck with whichever results your looking for.
Info for the women questioning if they could be pregnant, period while pregnant, pull out method, etc.?
Q: There are tons of …Am I pregnant? posts so I thought I would answer some questions with my opinion to see if it helps everyone. 1. Are these pregnancy symptoms???Some Pregnancy Symptoms-tiredness, nausea, sore breasts and back, head aches, cramping, discharge, missed period, bloody show, etc.2. My bf fingered me and I pregnant?If he touched his penis first and it was wet then fingered you then yes you can get pregnant. That wetness is precum and there is sperm present so if it gets on his finger and he puts it in you he transfered the sperm and it can get you pregnant.3.My bf pulled out can I get pregnant?There is precum present and it contains sperm so even if he doesn’t finish in you he has already put his sperm in you. So the possibility of pregnancy is always there.4. Had sex in the hot tub.If his penis was in you it doesn’t matter where you had sex he can get you pregnant.5. Period while pregnant?You can have what appears to be a period. You can have a short light show or heavy and cramping show. It can go on for months and you can still be pregnant. It is not common but it does happen. So if you have prenancy symptoms you should see your doctor because too much bleeding is never good. 6. I’m tired is this normal?Your body is going through alot of hormonal and emotional changes and it is very normal to be tired. 7. Old wives tales.They do work for some but it can just be coincedence the only way to really know if it’s a boy or girl is sonogram. Even then they are not always right. 8. When do you start showing?Each women shows at different times and it is different with each pregnancy. If you are showing and you are 1-2 months it’s bloating not the baby showing yet. Mmost likely you will show around 4-6 months. 9.I had sex the day after my period can I get pregnant?It doesn’t matter what day you have sex you can ALWAYS get pregnant. There are some days where your chances are greater/lesser of getting pregnant. But there is no freebee day of pregnancy.10.I’m 13 and pregnant.No matter what you are going to have to tell your parents. Abortion just something easy to do like picking out and outfit. There is body and emotional scars and you will need someone there for you. You have to see a doctor as soon as possible whether you plan to keep the baby or not. So tell your parents they will be upset at first but hopefully they will calm down and help you out. You can not get through a healthy pregnancy and birth on your own. I’m not trying to be rude with any of these questions/answers I just see them alot and thought this could help someone. I’m not a doctor and you may feel differently about my answers but this is my opinion and advice to others. If you have another question you would like to add on feel free to do so. I will answer any questions you may have for me. I am a mother of 3 and 1 on the way. I am 27…my oldest is a boy 7 yrs old, girl 4 yrs. old, boy 2 yrs. old and I am 6 months pregnant. I am married to the father of all my kids. I had placenta previa with this pregnancy and it is now resolved. I am a stay at home mom. My oldest in in football. Just letting you know a little of myself so if you have a question that I might be able to relate to. Hope this helps. TTC baby #2……sperm doesn’t not die when it hits the air. You can get pregnant on ANY day like I said there are just some greater and lessers chances during certain days. And look around there are ALOT of pregnant women.Oh also I had all 3 of my children with no pains meds and 2 were induced. So if you have any questions about that I’m here to help.It stopped the questions for about an hour. Sorry ladies they are at it again.
A: Thanks for your answers…and congrats! I have to say it is rare to find a woman who is married to their childrens father…especially 4 of them! For the people who did not already know the answers to these questions: you probably shouldn’t be engaging in sexual relations. Sadly alot of the people asking these questions are either truly pregnant, or already have children. I still stand by the belief that I think there should be a test to pass before parenthood! You sound like a wonderful mother!
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