Is it normal to have lots of discharge before your period

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It isn’t common – could you possibly be pregnant? That seems to be one of the symptoms. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to have a lot of discharge a few days before your pe…?
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Is it normal to not have any discharge 2 weeks before your period?
Q: Or is it a sign of pregnancy? I had unprotected sex, but we pulled out and he has a lot of alcohol and weed in his system.. bad i know ( no need for your opionion ) and it was during a low fertility day on the calendar.But my question is, is not having any discharge 2 weeks before your period normal?& he did not have sex before me any time near then so sperm in the precum shouldnt be too much right? and all of the ejaculate fluid was out side of me when he ejaculated.
A: No that is not normal. You are suppose to have discharge all the time rather than before your period, or after. As a matter of fact, heavy discharge is a sign of your period coming. And the pull out method isn’t 99% safe from getting pregnant, because you can get pregnant from pre-cum. Go and take an pregnancy test.
Can you get pregnant 10 days before your period if you don’t have the “normal” 28 day cycle?
Q: I missed my period over a week ago.Me and my Bf thought we were in the clear because I was only about 10 days from starting my period.I can calculate almost down to the hour when Im going to start, so when that day came…my period never did.I waited and waited because I figured it was because I had just recently started shcool and may it was due to the schedule change.but it’s been over a week and I still haven’t seen any signs of my period.I get occassional cramps, especially yesterday.and I have been getting almost non-stop headaches.The day before i was supposed to start I got a lot of stretchy clearish discharge…and all throughout that week.I still get it a lot but not as much as last week.and yesterday morning at school I felt so nauseated i wanted to run out of the class and find a trash bin somewhere.(Luckily I didn’t vomit!) and about 3 AM this morning I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep because I felt so nauseated again.I know you can’t give me a direct answer, that’s not what I’m looking for.I would just like your opinion on what YOU think.Is it possible I could’ve gotten pregnant, even though it was 10 days before my period? orCould it just be that I have just recently started college again?P.S. I dont have the “normal” 28 day cycle.mine Is usually 38 days.
A: Oh yes, you could have gotten pregnant.Ovulation usually occurs about 14 days BEFORE your next period, not 14 days after. For girls with a 28-day cycle 14, days before is the same thing as 14 days after, so it doesn’t matter. For everyone else, it matters a whole lot. A girl with a 21-day cycle will pretty much be ovulating right after her period ends. A girl with a 38-day cycle will be ovulating somewhere around Day 24.Also, no matter how regular your cycle usually is, things change. The schedule is certainly not set in stone, many things can affect it. I’d go ahead and take that pregnancy test.
Ummm…. Discharge…..period, maybe??
Q: Okay, so I’ve been getting a lot of discharge lately. It sometimes feels like I’m wetting my pants or like I’m getting my period. Sometimes it even feels like it’s running down my pant leg! It’s mostly thin but sometimes it’s thickish and it’s normally whitish or clear. It has a faint smell (i think that might be normal) but it doesn’t smell bad. I’ve heard that this sometimes happens before your period. I haven’t had my period yet, but this has been going on for…..months, almost. Is this normal? How long would something like this occur if it was a sign that your period is coming? Do you think I’ll get my period soon? My breasts are starting to grow, and i have some pubic hair. Please tell me if you think I might get it soon and explain the discharge!!!! THANK YOU!!!! :)(Mature, answers only please!) Thanks again!And if you think my period is coming, PLEASE remember that I have been experiencing this for about a month now. Is that a reasonable length of time?Also, would it be okay if I wore thin pads, to make it more comfortable and at the same time just in case IT comes? Because sometimes it’s just discharge but I think it’s my period. 😛 Is it unhealthy to wear pads like this?And I’m 13, by the way.
A: I’m not sure how old you are, guessing by the pubic hair comment still pretty young.Something to keep in mind…Anything that’s catching your attention more than a week or two ( a scent, a discharge, a headache, a dull pain) you should consider seeing a DR about. DONT go crazy with using the panytliners. Keep a few on hand, but your vagina needs to breathe! And the pantyliner will only restirct air flow.Also, wear cotton undies.And try washing your clothes in unscented detergent. Your body could be reacting to the dyes and scents added to laundy detergent.
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