Is it normal to spot when your pregnant

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Some spotting is normal during early pregnancy and can be caused by implantation bleeding. Check with a doctor if it continues. [ Source: ]
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Is spotting normal during pregnancy?… there is a lot more to read at the website What are common reasons for bleeding in the first half of pregnancy? Since bleeding that occurs in the first half of pregnancy is so common (20-30%), …
Is it normal to spot during early pregnancy?
When you become pregnant you may experience bleeding when the egg implants into the uterine wall. This generally happens in the first week of pregnancy. There is no pain associated with it and it usually consists of light spotting. Some wom…
Could pink spotting be normal at 7 weks pregnant??
I had a light period for a week at 4 weeks and spotting on and off a few times up to 12 weeks. It was sometimes light pink to red like you described and sometimes brown. I had ultrasounds each time when I saw the spotting to see if they cou…

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Is it normal to spot blood when your pregnant?
A: It’s normal to sometimes spot during pregnancy, but check out the site below on the different types of spotting. Regardless of your symptoms, call your doctor and let them know. They know your health history and tell you for sure if it’s anything you need to worry about.
If your pregnant in your first trimester is it normal to spot when you urinate?
A: NO it is not normal, but, it does happen to a certain percentage of woman. I spotted with my current pregnancy for the first 3 months, I even bled at times and everything was fine (now 38 weeks) You should check with your doc. maybe they can set up an ultra sound to see if the baby is progressing the way it should and to check the heart beat. They should also check your blood for hormone levels, progesterone level and thyroid. I was spotting because my progesterone was low. I had 3 previous miscarriages and was never checked for those things.
Is it possible to have your normal pre mestrual spotting and still be pregnant?
Q: Hi girls..Sorry Im asking this in the pregnancy section but thought more of your might know the answer!! Anyways Im having my normal pre menstrual spotting – i have a little bit of brown stringy stuff and then spot burgundy coloured blood ( I have this every month and it usually starts around 6DPO and continues on and off till the end of that cycle – I have a 12 day luteal phase)So I just assumed that … yet again I havnt conceived! But when talking to my mum yesterday she said NO that does not mean that your not pregnant this month! Sometimes you can have your normal pre menstrual spotting and be pregnant because your body may not even know your pregnant yet?? Is this true??Thanks girls x
A: the stringy stuff is your lining hun, so if you spot at 6 dpo you have a luteal phase defect, spotting signals the drop in progesterone prior to af. i would really go and have this checked out you shoudnt spot so early its not right and you may need to be put on progesterone from ovulation (you can buy serenity progesterone cream online and just use it from ovulation) to correct this short lp so that you can sustain a conception.think i mentioned all this before… several times but i also think that you should buy the clearblue fertility monitor and be temping and charting as it is more likely you are miscalculating your fertile window than spotting at 6 dpo. you may be ovulating much earlier than you think.either way i doubt you are pregnant. sorry hun – test if no af in another never know it could be implantation spottin but only if it lasts a day or two and stops.good luck pumps
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